In order to stay relevant and successful in the
business world there should be some sort of
feedback available to bench mark the services or
products sold. These feedbacks can be gotten from
various sources. The most popular form of getting
the most current feedback on a product or service
would be via the many media tools available
today. The more popular media tools would include
the use of forum and reviews.

Get Feedback

Through a good portion of these forum and reviews
are usually based on personal experiences from
either using the products or services of a
particular company, there have been some very
negative users of this fairly free form platform.

The abuse of this media style to spread
negativity can sometimes cause serious damage to
the up and coming home base businesses.

Therefore it would be prudent to note that not
all the information gathered from the forums and
reviews are done in a solid and unquestionable
style. Integrity is not always the key word in
mind when the idea is to tarnish or cause
unmerited harm to the home base business

However on a brighter note, these reviews and
forums can provide the very vital feedback for
home base business to encourage self examination
in order to improve and increase revenue. It also
allows for the further exploration into the
business, in order to provide the end user with
better services or products.

The home base business owner can also use this
platform of gaining “free” advertisement for
their relevant items.

This of course is a huge plus point for those who
are operating with a minimum budget and thus
having the advantage of free advertising is
welcomed. The more people become aware to the
presence of a particular home base business, the
better the exposure of the product or service
will be.

In the next lesson you will learn about how you
can learn from other’s successes.

Until Next Time,

Joshua Shoemaker