If the choice for a home business is made in an
area which is quite unfamiliar to the individual,
then the responsibility lies with the individual
to enquire about the various elements being
offered for participation.

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Because most home based business require the
complete participation of an individual, there
could be an offering to train the said individual
tagged to the sale of the home based business.
Some home based businesses require a certain
amount of training either in the use of their
products or in the effectiveness of the sales

If both elements need specialized training, then
the onus is on the company selling the home based
business modules, to provide the adequate and
completer training necessary for the success of
the business.

Sometimes the principals of the home business
modules are quite particular as to how their
services or products are sold. If this is the
case then the training process is not only
included in the purchase of the said home
business but also can be made compulsory. This is
to ensure the sale of their products or services
follow a uniform style in terms of the sales
pitch and delivery.

If one ventures into an area that is new and a
little confusing it would definitely be wise to
seek some sort of training which should ideally
be provided by the host of the business module.

Also this training should be given at the onset
of the purchase made. However there are some
companies that don’t provide the training needed
to familiarize its potential home business
partners and thus this sort sightedness can have
negative repercussions. In order to fully
understand and promote the item of the home base
business the training provided should not be
optional but compulsory.

In the next lesson you will learn about how you
can use forums and reviews for feedback on

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