Dan is a strong believer of the lead generation. He claims that the most powerful model for making money revolves around lead generation. However, for you to succeed in this field, there are several basics you need to keep in mind.

1. Focus on Specificity

To strengthen magnetic attraction, you have to be an advocate for someone in particular with very specific desires, interests, and needs. Each person carries plenty of Top-of-Mind interests around with them at any given time.

Think of this scenario as an individual?s top ten list. To attract a person to you, you have to tap into their top ten list. And the more specific and focused you are on their list, the deeper the connection you will build, hence the more powerful your magnetism will be.

2. Diversity Equals Stability and Speed

For your business to be secure and stable, you have to be diverse. If you rely on one key person, one product, one client, one technology, or one skill, then your business is very unstable and insecure. Speed is also a crucial aspect because you cannot get rich slowly.

The more doors you open for your leads, the faster you can reach your income goals. Not all doors will generate an equal amount of income, but as long as they are generating a significant amount of money, you will need to keep them open. Two doors are good, but six are better; as long as they are sustaining themselves.

3. Go Evergreen

There are products that have been sold for 3, 5, 7, and even 20 years with the same marketing strategy and sales letter. These are what we call evergreen products; their creation is one-time, but you sell them for years. For in and out products, they are sold for a short period, at most, one year.

With in and out products, you have to find new products now and then. But for evergreen products, you need to make one major investment. That?s why it is a better idea to create a product that will sell for a long period rather than creating products with short-term returns.
Evergreen products may not generate more leads like in and out products; their return is still worthwhile in the long run. Owning an evergreen product is stress-relieving, lucrative, and liberating.

When you want to venture in a lead generating business, you need to stock it with as many valuable evergreen products as you possibly can.

Dan had a client who used to send the same sales booklet every month to the same list of subscribers for three years, changing the color of the cover. He was generating over a million dollars a year doing that.

4. Live by Facts, Not Fads

Always use systems and tools that have been proven to work and the proof is in the figures of return on investment. If a system has a significant rate of return, invest in it and use it for a long time as long as the earnings keep flowing.

Add more systems so as to add as many leads as possible. Don?t be tricked by the hype and hysteria of the media; base your investments on facts.

5. Focus on Diversity

Have as many avenues as you can to get as many leads as possible. If you rely on one source of leads, maybe social media or just Google, you are missing out the leads you could have generated from other sources. This restricts your income.

Plus, when you rely on just a few lead sources, you put yourself in danger of losses if an adverse scenario affects your source. That?s why it?s always prudent to diversify your leads.

6. Price+Profits+Process=Power

Success is achieved by those who are ready to risk big to generate leads that will allow them reach their sales target. You need to go for products with high prices, huge profit margins, and a sophisticated market process, so as to achieve incredible results.

7. Focus on Specifics

You ought to know who your target audience, clientele, or market is when you are interested generating leads. Know the people who can enjoy and benefit from your services or products. You need to determine what leads you want. You will fail if you focus on attracting just anyone; you need to have a specific audience that you focus on.
8. Let the ABLB rule be your guide

Always Be List Building is a rule used in lead generation. You need to focus on the bigger picture rather than the short term achievements. Settling for the small sales that you make up front without expanding your list and tapping into it, is like leaving an evening party at 8 PM; you will be leaving most of your wealth unclaimed.

Don?t settle on just traffic; that?s a B.S. statistic that won?t add any significant income; focus on building your list.

If you want traffic, just sit on a roadside and watch the cars drive by. If you can?t convert your traffic to LEADS, then you don?t know what you are doing. You need to convert the people (traffic) onto your lists, converse with them in a deeper manner, and invite them to buy your other related products. That?s where the real money is.

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