As you read this, there is one thing I would want you to keep one thing in mind; this one thing can deeply affect the way you relate to the world, the way you think, the way you solve your problems and help you to own your happiness.

Here is an example of this.

My friend John asks the wrong questions most of the times. Just last week, he wanted to go to the cell store on a weekend. He called their customer care on a Saturday afternoon to make sure they were open.

However, they informed him that they will be closing early since it is a weekend. This meant that he couldn’t make it to the store to pick out a new phone. So, he spent the next few minutes complaining and asking questions such as; why do they have to close early, Why did they even bother to open at all on a weekend if they cannot serve people the whole day, If they knew they cannot spend the whole day there, they should have just stayed home and enjoyed their day.

He went on and on with such questions instead of thinking how he can organize his schedule so that he can visit the store on Sunday during their opening time or focus on how he can avoid such happenings in the future.

This made me rethink something; how often do we waste time focusing on things we have no control over, rather than on things we can control,

It?s like complaining about the weather. Everyone talks about how cold or hot it is, but no one does a thing about it because we obviously can?t do anything about it. We have no control over weather, but we can control where we live. You don?t like summer heat, Then move to the coast. You hate the snow in the North, Then move South. You can change your location but you can’t change the weather.

You cannot control time, but you can control your schedule and how you spend your time.

You cannot control how the customer care of your affiliate product owners treat you as a customer, but you can control the products you want to promote and thereby promote products from owners that treat their customers well.

You have no control over your competitors? moves, but you can control how your business operates and fits in, thus controlling its destiny.
You have no control over the economy, but you have control over your investments and how you can earn money.

You cannot always control the happenings in your life, but you can control your reaction towards the happenings.

If you want to get the best in life and achieve your goals, you need to learn how to control the things you can and use that to your advantage.

You have control over your life. You control whether you are doing things out of desire or obligation. You cannot control your destiny, but you can shape it.

Focus on the things that are within your power to control and forget those things that are beyond your control. This way, you will achieve more success and lead a less stressful life.

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