In order to create a situation where your clients are loyal, it is important that you establish an emotional connection to them in some way. It is common knowledge in business that customers buy from people “they know, like and trust”. In that case, it is important that you get to know your readers and potential clients in a way that creates that emotional connection. Having that connection will assist in establishing credibility with your target audience. Without an emotional connection, which can be as simple as your readers and clients feeling like they know you as a person, they might be swayed to purchase from someone else that they know, like and trust, but has a cheaper price.

Most small business owners cannot compete on price easily so it’s important that you take your business to that next level and give something extra to clients that big businesses can’t -You. The reason is that your main profits are going to come from repeat business. This is why you are learning about your product funnel. You bring in the client with article marketing, a free report or ecourse to sign up for your newsletter, building your list as you go. Next, offer more expensive products as you move down your product funnel until you get to the most expensive and exclusive products that you have to offer. Usually, that product involves giving more of yourself than the products at the widest portion of your product funnel.

Here are 3 ways that you can establish an emotional connection with your customers that you can do online.

1. Let them see you. Post good pictures of yourself that show your face and your eyes. Studies show that when people can look you in your eyes they trust you more. Another way to let them see you, establishing that emotional connection, is to create YouTube videos where you talk directly to your clients or potential clients. Additionally the way you design your website from the text to the colors will also elicit an emotional response from your visitors. Do the colors of your website or blog tell a story?
2. Words mean a lot. Does the copy on your site reflect what you want to convey? If you’re not sure, ask an expert to help you with the copy on your site. There are certain words and phrases that elicit various emotions. Do the words and phrases make your visitors feel how you want them to feel? Are the words concise and accurate? Do they blow smoke or speak the truth. Are you proud of what you are doing?
3. Honor your word. Many first time online business owners over promise and sadly, under deliver. The keywords here are to under promise and over deliver. If you do this, you’ll get repeat clients who will sing your praises to the highest mountains because in truth, there are a lot of people who deliver on the beautiful, technically proficient website or blog, and seem to do everything right — until it comes to delivery. Do what you say you will, then a little more.

By combining these three tips to establish an emotional connection to your clients and potential clients you can go far in your home business, or really any business for that matter.

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