Starting highly in-demand work-at-home businesses, like app developer, calls for very specialized skills. Someone who wants to develop apps needs to know what kind of apps they want to develop, who they want to develop them for, and what they need to learn to do it.

If you have programming skills, start out like you would any business and get a business license, set up a business bank account, set a budget and get started.

Skills Required for App Developers

* Organization
* Leadership
* Creativity and ingenuity
* Market understanding
* Marketing

What’s Hot Right Now?

* WordPress plugins
* Mobile apps
* Games
* Productivity
* Social media apps

The top apps can make upwards of $50K per day, so this is a very lucrative home-based business that you can start with your own idea. If you have programming skills, you can just get started on your own now. If you don’t, that’s okay because you can find programmers on sites like who will take your idea and create the app for you, while you simply keep coming up with ideas to develop, market and sell.

How to Get Started

Come up with an idea for a useful app for your audience, or start developing apps for others for a fee. Either way you decide to do this business, you can make good money from the comfort of your home. How you set up your business will depend upon whether you want to program apps or come up with the ideas and let other people create the apps. However, the basic steps for getting started are still the same:

* Create a website
* Get a business license
* Create or have an app created
* Market your business
* Collect testimonials

If you want to program apps, figure out who you want to develop them for and market your services to them. If you want to create apps and come up with the ideas on your own it’s the same idea in a way Â? find your audience, see what they need, create it, and market it directly to them.

Things to Consider

There is no guarantee that your idea will take off and become popular, so be sure to set a budget before getting started.

* Budget – If you hire someone to create an app for you, consider the skill required to do it, and how much you can sell it for. Some apps can be created for as little as $500.

* Fees – If you are a programmer, understand the value of your time and the going rate for creating apps for other business owners in your niche. You don’t want to underprice your services or price yourself out of business.

As you take all the factors into consideration before you start your app development business, write down the ideas that you have so that you can create something extraordinary.

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