The old ways of marketing where you place an advertisement, attract consumers and make sales that easily are over. Today, marketing is all about, as Seth Godin says, “attraction and connections.” But, what tactics create the attraction and connections that get the results that you want (more sales)?

Create Responsive Websites

This is almost a beginner’s tip at this point, but just in case you have been around awhile and haven’t made the move, it’s time. It’s way past time. Your website needs to be mobile and it needs to be mobile now. People are using mobile technology more than they are using PCs today to access online information.

Social Media Action

It’s not enough to join social media. Fill out your profiles completely; ensure that they represent your brand in a cohesive manner. Then, take action on social media by sharing your content, other people’s content, and participating in discussions on social media. If all you do is share your own things on social media, no one is going to even notice you. Participation is key.

Go to and Host Online and Live Events

Not only should you participate in online events such as Google On Air Hangouts, other webinars and events, and live events, you should also plan and host them. Having online and live events is a great way to personify yourself to your audience. Until they hear you or see you live, you might just be an avatar on the computer screen. Once you do show yourself, your business will explode.

Become an Author

Authoring a book today is a great way to create a calling card for your business. The barriers to entry are lower than ever, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that being an author of a book within your niche is a great way to market your core business. Write or ghostwrite a book of interest to your audience, edit it well, have a professional cover made, and sell it on Kindle. You can even use a print on demand service if you want to have print versions available for signing at events.

Get Listed on a Speakers Bureau

Speaking at events within your community and across the country is an excellent way to market your business. Create a “one sheet” (look that up) and send it to various speakers bureaus for groups and organizations where you think your audience will attend. You can even charge for your speeches, creating an additional stream of revenue all while marketing your core business.

Create Special Landing Pages

You probably write guest blog posts, articles, and contribute content to numerous online and offline sources. If you don’t, you should be. But if you do, be sure to create a special landing page for each separate venue. When the audience clicks through they will feel super special and be more likely to trust you enough to act on your calls to action.

Finally, it’s important that you use a variety of different forms of content on your blog and/or website. Don’t just use text – use video, podcasts, audio and more to give your audience a lot of ways to consume your content. Try these advanced marketing tactics starting today, and within 90 days you’ll see a huge difference in your marketing results.

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