The P.S. or Postscript is an afterthought and originated from direct mail promotions. Often, prospects would navigate down to the bottom of the sales copy to know the price before deciding whether to read the letter or not. By having a captivating P.S., the marketers are able to make prospects come back to read the entire message displayed in the copy.

The purpose of P.S. as used in emails and online sales letters has changed slightly. After all, the price is not attached to an email copy, and the price displayed in the online sales letter is often hidden somewhere in the copy. If you do not want to display the price at the end of your sales letter, then you are advised to use a Recap P.S. where you try to summarize the major benefits of your offer. Again, this should take your prospects back into reading your sales message.

If you do not place the price at the end of your sales copy, such as in the case of an email, then there will be more flexibility in what you can place in your P.S. You need to know what to put in your P.S. copy as people will sometimes scroll to the end of your letter, and therefore read the P.S. first. However, you can use it for different purposes besides summarizing the major benefits.

Here’s a list of ten different P.S.’s you can use. Remember, no matter the kind you choose, always include the link you are promoting.

1. Use a Testimonial

Testimonials give your readers confidence and remove their doubts. It also gets them to click the link especially if you portray it in a sneaky way that outlines one or two benefits at the same time.

A good example of a P.S you can use is “Since I started reading this book, my life has improved. I now have high self-esteem and confidence to follow my dreams. Last month I received a promotion at work and also was able to negotiate a favorable deal on a brand new house where I saved over $100,000 off the market value.

2. Oops I Forgot

You can follow this phrase with almost anything that you want, as long as it’s relevant and important.

Here are two examples:

Oops! I forgot to tell you, everyone who orders this product by midnight will enjoy a dinner with our Gurus.

Hey, I forgot to mention that this exact trick helped me get a conversion rate of 75% of my leads in one week.

3. Extra Discount

Having enlightened them about the benefits, now entice them to take action with a discount offer.

Here are two examples of P.S for discounts:

The first five people who will open this email get a 25% discount.

People who will order this product by midnight tonight can use this promo code to get $20 off the sale price. You must use this discount code and order before midnight to enjoy this discount.

4. Give Them an Enticing Visual

If you have something really interesting on the page, you can use a roundabout kind of way. Yeah, this may appear weird, but it does work. Here is an example of a P.S
I hope you don’t mind seeing sexy women if so, you can ignore the scantily dressed babes in bikinis and go straight to the eight lead conversion tips.

5. The Treasure Hunt

Disclose to them where they will find the trick that works like a charm. Here is an example of the P.S,

Cancel the pop-up page that will appear when you land on that page, and scroll down to the blue headline. Click on it and then scroll to the big blue box with the cherries. You will find the exact method that I used last week to earn $4835 in 3 hours.

6. Urgency

If the price of the product is about to shoot or the product is running out of stock, you can tell them to hurry and place their order. Here is an example of P.S. in this category
The price is going up with every sale.

Only 17 more are left. Hurry while the stock lasts.

Send your contribution by midnight tonight, and your contribution will receive a matching donation that will double your contribution thereby enabling us to help as many poor kids as possible.

7. Bait the Hook

Use your postscript as bait by emphasizing the main selling point or greatest benefit from a different angle. For instance, if you are promoting a guide on helping guys in the dating field, here is an example of P.S.

While you will become irresistible to women, this book will also instill higher self-esteem in you that will help you become confident in whatever you do.

8. The Bonus

You can use your email to cover the product benefits and then use your P.S. to introduce the bonus items you are offering together with the product.

Here is an example of P.S.

Purchase this product, and you will get The Key to Affiliate Marketing Course for free. This is the exact same guide that I sell on ClickBank for $199 and today is the last time I’m offering it for free.

9. Don’t Decide Guarantee

People are attracted more to free trials. You can emphasize in your P.S. that they don’t need to make a purchase right way. By encouraging them to try your product first before making a purchase will instill confidence in your product.

Here is an example of a P.S.

Remember that you don’t necessarily need to purchase this product today. You can try our miracle product free for 30 days, and if you find it effective, you can come and purchase the product.

10. More Proof

If you are offering a claim that sounds too good to be true, you can offer some proof or evidence.

Here is an example of such P.S

Don’t believe me about this product? A study conducted by the University of Chicago shows that ABC products outshine its closest competitor by 64%.

Millie Frank of Magnolia plantations tried ABC product, and her wheat yielded three times more than the previous season.

The Bottom Line

The postscript is one place where you can show your fun and creative mind. Some marketers tell a witty joke in the P.S. Some even use P.P.S and even a P.P.P.S.
Note that; The P.S is a valuable asset- so use it wisely.

Joshua Shoemaker

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