Just about everyone seems to think that a logo is some type of added luxury for wildly successful businesses. That could not be any further from the truth. A logo is what works hand-in-hand with you to push your business forward and inspire curiosity in customers year-round.

So really the main question you should ask yourself is “are you serious about your business or not?” If you are indeed determined to create your own successful business, then you must create a logo.

Below you will find 10 reasons why you should begin crafting a logo ASAP:

1. Promoting business. A logo is all about reflecting your business image to as many people as possible. Customers, return customers, casual consumer’s flipping through a newspaper, the millions of men and women surfing the web, etc…

This promotes business non-stop because the logo will tell the viewer what you are all about and that you can be taken you seriously.

The benefits of having a logo working for you non-stop certainly help potential customers identify you as a serious business

2. Much needed credibility. The benefits of having a logo working for you non-stop certainly helps potential customers identify you as a serious business, but over time those men and women begin attaching their opinion and feelings from the logo to your business.

In other words, web pages, social media posts, and everything with your logo on it will begin to lure them in because of their natural curiosity and because of the very graphic nature of your logo.

3. Memorable experiences. If a potential customer chooses to invest in your product and has an excellent experience, they will certainly remember you and your business. However, the struggle for many businesses is figuring out how to get that customer to invest in them in the first place. Once again, the logo does all the work and continues to work for you non-stop by giving the viewer a picture to use as a psychological reference.

Just think about the expression “a picture is worth a thousand words.” If that expression were not true businesses selling almost identical products would never truly be competing against each other because the consumer would always return to the business they already trust and know.

4. Clarifying the details. As previously mentioned a good logo will inspire a customer to be curious, but some businesses do not understand that a customer can indeed become too confused and in some instances frustrated when a vague business title is paired up with an obscure logo.

For example, racetracks have a tendency to come up with names and logos that provide no insight into what races at their track. A person wanting to see Greyhound races would hear “Blue Rabbit Racetrack” and not know what to think. The Greyhound on the logo would be the one thing that helps them out.

5. Looking more established. As previously mentioned a logo helps a potential customer take you seriously and feel comfortable doing business with you. The reason for this is simple. They likely think the same thoughts as most small businesses regarding a logo being a luxury that only finds its way to a business that is successful.

6. More business coming your way. The trustworthy feeling that customers feel when looking at a customized logo for a business has never really been able to be put into words. The undeniable fact is that once the feeling is felt they officially trust your business enough to invest and perhaps refer you to friends.

7. To brand yourself. Perception is everything in today’s society simply because the number of options are endless. Viewers must immediately find your business at least suitable to not just pass you right by and choose some other business. Think about a sign that says “John Smith.” The initial thoughts are “who is John Smith?” and “what does he have to offer?”

Some might bite and choose to move toward the sign, but many will run to another business that seems more appealing from their perception. John Smith would not necessarily need to make huge changes to products or methods to see a massive increase in sales. All the sign needs is some traits to make it compelling.

8. Increase the business’s value. If you ever decide to sell your business, you will likely see major offers just from those wanting to acquire your logo and the customers that are associated with that logo. They will likely have an entirely different vision for your business, but the logo will be a “must have” for them.

9. To attract venture capital. See #8 above.

10. Make the clients happy. A key component of a logo is the way it makes everyone feel. It might sound odd, but a business with the right logo can see twice as many applications for men and women wanting to help them grow just because of the feelings they developed just from the logo of the business.

For example, “Dafoodie’s” logo has a tendency to make people smile and feel good even though people looking at might have no idea what they are offering.

The logical question you are likely asking is “How do I get a logo designed?” That question is typically met with offers from tons of people who want to charge you hundreds of dollars. There are even people that will pay hundred of millions of dollars for one particular logo. Luckily you do not have to go through all of that.

Check out http://www.logonerds.com

$27-$47 gets you a custom logo that looks in many cases better than the logos that cost hundreds of dollars.

Joshua Shoemaker


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