With the online technology rising up so fast early in the 1980’s to affect the lives of the people into complete transition comes many things that surprisingly would become a vital part in everyone’s existence. The inception of the internet is clearly the most phenomenal thing that happened on the planet wherein almost every aspect of the lives has many things to counteract with it.

Now, in the internet you will find many websites catering to different applications. E-commerce, informative sites, blogging, and many others… In fact, just name it, you’ll have it!

And what about the way people is communicating with each other? Haven’t you heard about those online communication tools to make it easier for people to send and receive their messages? This tool is one of the earliest manifestations of becoming everything automated and wireless as possible.

With the proliferation of that tool comes along another element that affected many people’s lives: the online social networking software.

Now, what is this online social networking software? Basically, this is all about a website that attracts people to become a member and makes others join them and create a network of friends. This has started in the year of 1995 where the very first website was Classmates.com. After which many others have followed and likewise have created their niche in the industry.

One of the most famous online social networking websites is: Friendster. By the name itself, the website implies about interaction with your friends. The idea is that: you sign up with the website; look for friends, colleagues, acquaintances, and even people whom you haven’t had any interactions with and invite them to join your account. When they joined you, you are already creating a network of friends.

This also creates a string of connection and therefore would give big chance to locate and trace long-lost people you already have no contact with. Hence, Friendster is not for creating a network of friends alone but to create a way for other people, whether stationed locally or abroad, to communicate with you even when you are across the sea.

Such website has series of benefits that many can reap without paying for the service. But, if you think such website is for creating a network of friends/colleagues alone, think again! Very lucky for you people that social networking websites, most especially Friendster.com, can also be a very smart way to deal with e-commerce.

Deal with e-commerce through your blog

If you are a frequent visitor of the internet, you will notice about these e-commerce sites in proliferation.

In the online social networking websites, blogs are used not only to express their thoughts and ideas but are also the source to help boost their business. Blog usually means a string of articles expressing their daily thoughts or the journal of their lives. For the business-minded people, blogs are used by putting on links onto the page. This is sensible enough as people are generally interested in reading and visiting blogs.

If your social network page has multiple members, you blog is linked to many potential readers. The more people that visit your blog, the more chances of more people coming across the links on your blog,

So if you maintain a social networking website and you intend to use it as your one outlet to know others of your business, blogging is the best way you can do. Not only are they free but they are also easier to maintain.

Joshua Shoemaker


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