Private label rights (PLR) articles is content that you buy inexpensively with the rights to use it, alter it, and claim it as your own. Each place you purchase PLR from has their own rules, so it’s important to read the licensing rights to make sure that you can use the PLR that you buy for what you want to use it for. It’s important to honor the rules in order to make the most of your purchases.

Purchase Legitimate PLR

You can purchase PLR in a variety of places; just do a quick search on Google for PLR or “private label rights” and you’ll see numerous results. It is important to find quality places to buy your PLR so that you don’t accidentally buy work that isn’t really PLR but instead stolen merchandise. You can usually tell if the content is well written, the website looks reputable and they don’t sell each article unlimited amounts of times but instead limit how many people can purchase the PLR.

Change the PLR

It’s important that you don’t use PLR just as you got it if you’re going to use it for article marketing, or as blog posts or other content on your website. Instead, you need to rewrite it and rework it to make it mostly unique. You can run anything you write through to find out if it’s used elsewhere. You’d be surprised at how many people buy PLR but don’t use it, or if they do use it, use it incorrectly and don’t change it at all. Shoot for at least 50 to 80 percent original.

Combine Several Articles

If you buy a group of articles on a particular subject, you can take some from one and add to another to create a completely new article. PLR is a great way to get good ideas on your topic for your niche, so as you go through reading the PLR that you bought, consider how you can change it, combine it, and make it new. The more original it is, the better.

Use PLR as Research

Well-written PLR will offer a great starting point to help you come up with ideas of original content for article marketing. When you read the PLR on the topic you bought, you will come up with new ideas and new articles easier than if you started from scratch. So, as you are reworking the PLR, keep note of any new ideas that come up so that you can write even more articles for article marketing.

To make PLR work for article marketing you’ll need to rework it completely; it must not show up on Copyscape as copied at all. Most article marketing sites do not allow you to put PLR as written on their site because of the duplicate content issues. But, it is possible to still use PLR as the starting point. Rewrite the title, the headers, the bullet points and use your own keywords and your own voice within the content to make it your own.

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