Many content marketers eventually get around to wanting to learn how to use private label rights (PLR) content in their business. You’re likely no different. Producing never-ending, targeted and relevant content on a daily basis can become a chore if you don’t know how to create content in multiple ways. One way to create an amazing amount of content is to use PLR. Not only that – using PLR to bulk up your content creation can provide quality content too.

* Buy PLR from Trusted Sources – Don’t just buy PLR from anyplace; ensure that the places you get PLR from are recommended to you by those that you trust. You can also check out any PLR company by searching for information and complaints about them. Some PLR is not real PLR; it’s actually stolen content.

* Read the License Agreement – Every seller of PLR has their own individual policies about how to use their PLR. Be sure to read it because you may not be allowed to use PLR in some of the ways recommended in this article. If you know up front what the rules are before you buy it, then you’ll have a good idea of how you’re going to use it before purchasing.

* Use PLR in an e-Newsletter – This is a great way to use PLR. First, if your newsletter is not posted online, you don’t have to worry about duplicate content and if the rules are okay with it, you can pretty much leave the PLR intact. If you do post your newsletter online as well as send it through email, be sure to edit enough to make it at least 50 to 60 percent unique.

* Use PLR in an eBook – If you’re not going to sell your book on Kindle, then PLR is a great way to help you write your first eBook (or your fifth). You can combine many different PLR articles and bundles to create a large eBook. Again, read the instructions, rules and regulations that come with your PLR to make sure you’re allowed to do that.

* Use PLR in an Online Course – Any PLR that is a “how to” or list can be made into an online course that is either delivered through a website using a service like, or to create a members only website. The content can be dripped to your customers slowly to help them learn something new.

* Use PLR to Produce a Video – If you find well-written PLR that is a tutorial, you can use the tutorial to create an instructional video, or slide show that you then record into a video while you use your voice to speak directly to your audience. These videos can be put on YouTube, your website, and inside membership websites.

* Combine PLR with Original Content – Use PLR to get you started writing original content. Combine PLR with content you’ve written yourself to create something totally new such as a large eBook, eCourse, or membership website. Combining a lot of different elements and formats together can make your content all the more effective and interesting.

* Edit PLR to Make Your Own – Whether you use PLR in email, an eBook or newsletter, it’s important to go through and edit the PLR to make it your own. You want to insert your own personality and keywords and industry jargon to make it fit better with your area of expertise. Plus reading it through and editing it will also prevent you from sending your audience something that contradicts things you’ve told them in the past.

By using PLR in all these different ways, you can keep your content up-to-date, regular and informative easier than if you do it all yourself. What’s more, just reading PLR can help you develop new ideas, and expand further on the ideas already written. PLR can be an excellent starting point to some really top quality content for your audience.

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