Getting traffic to your website is something that takes dedication and time. The things that worked in 2013 will still work in 2014, but you’re going to have to do more of it. There is more competition than ever before, and with the improvement of search engine algorithms you’ll need to provide more value than ever before to your audience.

Publish More Relevant Content

Content has always been king, and nothing has changed. You need to blog daily, if possible, and work on providing content in other ways, too – such as relevant article directories, guest blog posts, eBooks, and more. The more relevant and unique content you can dish up to your audience, the better. Studies show over a 90 percent increase in traffic for websites that have blogs with new content at least 20 days out of the month. Another hint – when it comes to content, focus on long-tail keywords. You can use a tool like to help you.

Participate More on Social Media

Your audience has caught on to automation and they don’t like it. It’s important that you participate in social media by engaging your audience more. Speak directly to them via social media networks, and leave the sales pitch for your sales pages on your website. If you’ve noticed the “likes” going down, and the engagement going down on your social media networks, it’s your fault. Get involved and you’ll see it improve.

Join More Groups and Forums

Ok, don’t just join. Get involved. Your intelligent comments on groups, forums (and even blog post discussions) will get you more traffic. Don’t just say “good post” or something like that; say something that is relevant to what the discussion was about. Put your expert hat on and truly participate in groups and forums to the best of your ability.

Improve Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

There are a lot of aspects of SEO that most websites don’t have. If you improve your SEO using Google Webmaster Tools and Guidelines, you’ll drastically improve the traffic to your website. Google tells you exactly what to do and if you do it (at least 80 percent of it), you’ll get more traffic than the others who aren’t doing even 30 percent of what they should. It might seem shocking, but many websites are built without any thought to SEO at all.

Become an Expert in Your Niche

You already want to do this, no doubt. But today there are many ways you can become an expert. You can get published – either via Kindle, or on one of the expert tutorial sites like, or You can create a course on one of the course websites like You can post your presentations for free viewing on YouTube or The more places you put your content in a professional way, the more you’ll be viewed as an expert and the more traffic you’ll bring to your website.

A combination of these activities will get you more traffic in 2014. Don’t just stop at one of these ideas. Incorporating as many of them as possible will blow your current traffic out of the water.

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