There is no getting around it – Pinterest is here to stay. And no matter what type of business you have, figuring out how to use it to promote your business is essential. You don’t have to have a fashion merchandising business to build your business on Pinterest either. Just start looking at your business in a whole new colorful way.

Use Creative Imagery

If you’ve not been adding images to your blog posts, now’s the time to do it. Make the image relevant to your post. In fact, the image can also have words in it such as a quote from the content or a motivational quote. It helps to watermark your images too with your domain name or business name. You can use a program like to help you create great images to accompany your blog posts.

Make Infographics from Data

Deal with a lot of numbers? That’s great, because now you can create infographics that catch people’s eye and share them on Pinterest. If your infographic is compelling enough it will be re-pinned and shared across social media networks. Use to create infographics fast and easily.

Announce Events

Create a beautiful invitations or announcements with graphics software like and pin them on Pinterest to announce any upcoming events that you’re taking part in. Whether it’s an online event or offline event, you can use Pinterest to announce it. You can even use video to announce your event instead of a static image.

Create Themed Boards

Don’t just throw everything up on the same board. Instead, create themed boards. For instance, if you have a service-based business you could create a different board for each service. Think outside the box and pin the benefits of your services instead of what you actually do. For instance, perhaps you offer your clients freedom. What does freedom look like to your clients?

Re-Pin Other Peoples’ Pins

It’s only polite to stop the shameless self-promotion occasionally and re-pin someone else’s boards. Not only that, comment freely too. The more you re-pin and make relevant comments or additions to other people’s boards, the more they will do the same for you.

Be Yourself

It’s okay to have a little fun on Pinterest even when it’s meant to market your business. Be yourself – share freely about who you are, what your goals are, and your business, and you’ll be surprised at the snowball effect that is created.

Finally, don’t be intimidated if your business isn’t easily image based. You can find ways to think outside the box to incorporate imagery to your business. Find out what lifestyle and interests your audience has and cater to those. You can also use Pinterest as mainly a research tool, and a way to organize your thoughts about products and services that you want to offer.

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