There are people on your email lists, in your
Twitter following, Facebook friends and Google+
friends who have not yet bought your print book,
ebook, home study course, or membership site,

I think that if you ran just a 1 hour webinar this
month, demonstrating and teaching those people
something you’re an expert in, and had a short
sales pitch at the end, you’d make sales even if
only a few people showed up.

In fact I challenge you to try it…

1. Claim your free GoToWebinar account (not a
trial, the full thing) here:

2. Run a 1 hour pitch webinar this month and mail
for it a few days before the call

3. Show up, teach some stuff and pitch some stuff

If you honestly don’t make more than your 97 bucks
back from that event then I demand you cancel your
membership and refund your original 97 dollars…
it’s that simple.

Have a great day,

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