I know that YOU might have associated a lot of
“bad imagery” with being a newbie…

Not knowing much…

Not making money…

But guess what, if you’re not making the money you
want, then you are STILL a newbie!

Yes, you!

I know that the very latest “secret” … or
“loophole” … or “exploit” sounds really
exciting… but you know what most people do?

They buy the latest 2000 dollar product, flip
through it, either say it sucks, or nod and say,
that’s a great idea… then they don’t do anything
with that information!

Do you have a web site with an optin page? Great,
I’m proud of you.

Once people opt in, do they get regular
autoresponder emails telling giving them advice to
build trust and telling them to buy? I’m even MORE
proud of you!

Do you send them to a sales letter at every chance
getting them to buy? After opting in, after
confirming their optin, after every piece of
advice? You’re my number one hero!

Do you have a download area after they pay you
money they can get to? Is it a membership site
where you deliver dripped content preventing them
from refunding your one time payment or recurring

And the biggest question… do you have people
opting into your site every single day, buying
from you every single day…

Automatically, like clockwork, like ZOMBIES?

If it’s not automatic… if the zombies don’t come
knocking on your door, then you NEED this
training… even if you don’t “think” you’re a


P.S. I look forward to seeing what you think of
this training… it covers everything… all in
one place.

Go there now,

Joshua Shoemaker

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