With the Workoutpass.com’s membership you get access to 43 different workout websites. The workouts that you can learn include quick weight loss workouts, hoop workouts, lax workouts, ice hockey workouts, 10 minute workouts, agility workouts, etc. Whether you’re an athlete who wants to improve his game or someone looking to lose fat, there is something for everyone.

All the workouts in the network have been created by fitness experts. There are no computerized programs; the workouts are pre-tested, easy to follow. Here are some of the sites included in this membership.

Fitness Ballu: It has workouts using stability balls and swiss balls. You can quickly improve your strength, coordination and lose fat with these workouts.

Quick Weight Loss for Women: This a website that is dedicated to helping women burn fat quickly. It has workouts that are designed for busy women to get results in half the time.

Fast Weight Loss for Men: This website is for people who want to lose fat but don’t have the time for lengthy workouts. The site has workouts that will help you burn fat in half the time of traditional workouts.

100 meter: This is a resource for workouts exclusively for sprinters. If you get information on optimizing your time then check this website.

Big League Workouts: The website has great workouts for baseball players. These workouts will help you hit harder, swing quicker and run faster. A great resource for serious baseball players and coaches

Abs like Stone: This websites has information on workouts that will help you get those hard abs and you don’t have to do those boring crutches ever again.

Shot Maker Workouts: Shot Maker Workouts takes tell you exactly how to achieve golf fitness. You can choose a workout and follow the programs to hit the ball harder and straighter.

Agility workouts: With the help of the exercises listed here you can increase your agility and become a more valuable member of your team.

Body Weight Fit: The exercises included in this website don’t require you to use any weights. You can follow the bodyweight-only exercises and workouts and you will get a great workout that will help you reach your goals.

Ultimate Silver: The information given in this website will help you add inches to your Vertical Jump. Ultimate Vertical features only workouts to get you jumping higher quick.

Swimming Strength: This is a website dedicated to out of the pool workouts for competitive swimmers. The information provided will help you become a faster swimmer and reduce shoulder injuries.

These are some of the websites that you get with the workout pass. There are plenty of other resources included in this package for other sports and fat loss. The package also includes conference calls and webinars with top fitness experts and performance coaches, weekly updates.

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