WordPress has fast become the most powerful marketing tool available on the Internet. If you plan to create a membership site for your marketing purposes, you will receive a ton of revenue especially when using WordPress. This is because membership sites can make a lot of money and can be easy to use if they are structured correctly. Many believe that WordPress can only be used for a website or a blog. This belief is absolutely wrong. If WordPress is used the right way and its flexibility is taken advantage of, they will discover a brilliant marketing tool.

One of the newest marketing tools that can be used with WordPress is a membership based site. Many Internet businesses are using a membership site plugin but they are not all the same. In order to create a great membership site for your marketing site, your plugins should have a few basic criteria.

1. Membership level and type: If you are able to have multiple membership levels you will be able to have special promotions or a higher membership level which you can allow members to have access for more information and at a higher membership rate. Other important membership levels are free,onetime payment and a subscription base.

2. RSS Feed Encryption: It is important that your membership content does not go into your RSS feed. An unencrypted RSS feed will allow anyone who may visit your site to see your hidden content that your members are paying for without the visitor having to pay for it. If you fail to have an encrypted RSS feed you will be losing out on tons of revenue.

3. Content Teasers: This will let you have some of your content visible for visitors who come to your site. If they wish to read more they would have to click a link that would tell them that they have to subscribe in order to read the entire article.

4. Sequential Delivery: Sequential delivery allows your membership site to allow access to only certain portions of content if you are offering content on a monthly basis or to give training in incremental modules to your members. If you do not have sequential delivery then your members could view all of your content as soon as they signed up.

5. Payment Gateways: Some plugins only integrate with only Paypal and this could limit your payment options. Having the ability to work with many payment processors is a real benefit.

6.Training and Support: You will need strong customer support which is very important for any type of business. If you will not have access to the owner of the plugin then you will not want to use it.

These are the very necessary parts of a membership site for your marketing site and if your plugin does not have these features, you will need to find a plugin that does.

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