Want to cultivate a warrior’s mindset? Want to become more formidable, more impressive and more efficient?

Then a simple ‘hack’ that you can use is to take cold showers. A cold shower is a very useful tool that will allow you to improve your healthy and fitness while also fortifying your mind and honing your discipline.
Here’s why taking a cold shower is such a good step for so many people…
Benefits of Cold Showers


Many of us start our day feeling groggy, tired and miserable. This is certainly not how a ‘warrior’ should begin their mornings and it’s not conducive to productivity or a positive day ahead.

This is one reason that a cold shower can make such a huge difference. Cold showers will trigger a release of adrenaline and norepinephrine, which will accelerate your heartrate and encourage blood-flow to the brain.
This can quickly wake you up and increase your energy levels so that you can start your day in a manner that’s productive.


The warrior mindset is all about having the discipline to sometimes do things that you don’t want to do. This is about being able to force yourself to work when you really just want to relax. It’s about being able to ignore the desire to eat snacks from the kitchen and it’s about going to the gym when you’re keen to sleep a bit longer and hit ‘snooze’ on that alarm.

Being able to step into freezing cold water takes a ton of discipline. Keeping yourself under there takes even more self-control.

And think of it this way: if you have the self-control to stand under a freezing shower, then how much easier will it be to make yourself do some extra work this evening? Or to tidy the house in the morning?
Another benefit of taking cold showers is that they put you in a certain frame of mind. Did you know that when Hugh Jackman was first cast as Wolverine in X-Men, he used cold showers in order to get into the feral mindset of the


Believe it or not, cold showers are actually good for you.
Not only do you benefit from the increased blood flow and alertness that we have already described; but taking cold showers will also be able to strengthen your heart, toughen up your immune system and even increase sperm count for men!

Taking warm baths and showers might actually be bad news for men. Not only can it reduce sperm count and mobility but it can also decrease testosterone. Cold on the other hand is known to increase and improve both, making you more masculine.

And while it might seem surprising that a cold shower can enhance your immune system, the simple reason is that cold showers force your immune system to work harder ? like a workout!

Oh and did you know that you can burn calories by taking cold showers? That’s because a cold shower will increase your metabolism and burn energy as your body tries to stay warm.


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