If you are an online marketer, then you are likely to get chewed out or called names at one point or another.

What no one tells is you is that hate mail is actually a GOOD thing.

Here?s why?

The fact of the matter is that you can’t please everyone and if you try to please everyone you end up jumping through hoops 24/7 and losing money.

Choosing a niche is all about targeting a particular group of people. Everyone else is for the most part background noise. Think of sales. You have to fight through all the ?no?s? until you finally get to the ?yes?s.?

Sales and online marketing are not the same when it comes to customer responses. In sales, you more often than not get a simple ?no? or ?I am not interested,? but online dramatically increases the chances that a person will get fired up and send you a nasty message.

So the question boils down to ?what do I do in response to the hateful message, phone call, letter, etc… ?

That’s easy.

BE HAPPY. If you managed to frustrate someone so much, you have to be making some other people happy. Think about people like Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity (famous ultra-conservative talk show hosts) who frustrate people on a daily basis, while also being multi-millionaires.

Secondly, make sure you DO NOT REPLY. Individuals who spew such hatred are more often than not trolls who will just continue to spread hate and waste your time. Responding to a troll is like stepping into quicksand.

Third, talk to your audience about the email. This might sound a little crazy at first, but your audience will love it because it makes them feel as if they are a part of something. Think about the political parties. A Republican will tend to share the hatred that was thrown at them by a Democrat and vice versa. Sharing that hatred strengthens their bond with their colleagues or others that share their same political ideology.

Just SMILE and remember that you are indeed doing something right when you receive a boatload of hate tossed at you from just a couple of people.

Also, make sure you delete and blacklist the sender from every email list. You should not have to waste your time listening to a person that has no real or valuable information to share with you.

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