The warrior mindset is an approach to life that changes the way you handle challenges, setbacks and hardships. Many of us have simply become too soft as a result of modern conveniences ? of being domesticated.

While most of us have no need to fight or to struggle most of the time, living a life of comfort and indulgence makes us weak and soft ? so that when a challenge does come along, we are often ill equipped to deal with it.

Adopting a warrior mindset means changing all that. It means toughening up, learning to live a little harder and to deal with challenges. And it should also mean learning to defend yourself.

No, you don’t need to be the next Bruce Lee or Batman. But you should know some basic self-defence and have an idea of how to take care of yourself. Here are some crucial reasons why.

Self Defence Helps You to Protect Yourself and Others

While we largely live in a time where violence and fighting is relatively rare (thankfully), the reality is that sometimes you will still need to protect yourself. Whether you find yourself caught up in a bar fight, or being attacked in the street. The ability to defend yourself in this scenario could mean the difference between life and death and it could mean the difference between being able to protect your family and escape alive.

Self Defence Makes You Alpha

Sometimes the benefit of self-defence is not in its ability to help you win a fight but rather in the way it makes you feel and the way it helps you to approach a situation.

Because ultimately, the biggest ‘trump card’ in life is physical ability and strength. While you might be able to bargain with someone or pay them off, ultimately, if the person you are speaking to is stronger, faster and more deadly then they have the final say about how things go down.

Being able to fight if necessary gives you confidence and authority. It makes you the ‘alpha’ in a group (yes this applies to women too) and it means that others can’t coerce you.

Ultimately, being able to take care of yourself will allow you to act the way that you think is right and without fear.

Training Instils Discipline

Finally, learning to take care of yourself is in itself a useful activity. Training in martial arts is an incredibly effective way to develop yourself physically and mentally. One of the biggest hallmarks of learning martial arts is the focus on discipline. On using correct technique and staying calm in a stressful situation. On practicing the same kick over and over again and on learning to ignore the opponent and see only an obstacle to be overcome.

When you transition this mindset to other aspects of your life, you’ll greatly increase your ability to get things done, to stay calm and to be master of your own destiny.

This is why everyone should learn to fight.

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