Likely you have heard of Twitter, but perhaps you didn?t think it was very important as a tool in your business marketing scheme. However, you are likely to change your mind when I tell you that more than 70 percent of small businesses have a Twitter account and more than 85 percent of the people who become their followers stay loyal to that brand! That means that if you don?t have a Twitter account and you own a business that you are missing out on millions of chances to get new customers and make profits due to what goes on via Twitter every day!
That?s why I am here to show you why your business should definitely be using Twitter as part of your marketing strategy. Here are some of the best reasons I have found:
Twitter Lets You Connect With Clients
One of the very main reasons why all businesses should have a Twitter account is that it gives you a way to easily connect with your customers and clients. Once you get some followers and fans, you will be able to talk to them via Twitter, answer their questions, announce new products or sales, and interact in discussions about your products and what is going on in your niche. People often check their Twitter account as soon as they get up and then once again when they are sitting on the train on their way to work or just about anywhere. There are billions of page views on Twitter every quarter and you need to have your business poised there ready to take advantage of that fact.
It?s Perfect for Branding Your Company
Maybe you aren?t a huge company like Microsoft or Kraft or Apple, but that doesn?t mean that you can?t get some branding points by being on Twitter. You can target customers in your local area first as they are likely to know you personally, and then once you get their loyalty and trust, they are bound to talk about your products and services and tweet about them to their friends. Thus you will gain more followers and your brand is well on its way to being recognized by many potential and current customers.
Feedback From Customers is Instant
When you are on Twitter, you don?t have to wait for a customer to send you a letter by mail or even wait for an email or phone call. You will see their feedback right in your Twitter feed in seconds after they post it. This could be both good and bad though, so make sure that you don?t ignore any customer remarks that show up in your Twitter feeds. Listen to what they say and try to meet their needs in the best way possible. Good customer service can go a long way to promoting your company and getting you more business in no time.
Twitter Equals Free Advertising
Another great thing about Twitter is that it?s free to use. You can market your products and services through announcements, offering coupons or discounts to loyal followers, and staying active in your niche. Become the ?go to? business in your field and you are going to automatically grow your customer amounts and start making more profits. It?s a win-win for your bottom line and for your customers since they get the benefit of being able to interact with the companies they shop at.
Twitter Helps You Spy on the competition
Not only can you see what your clients are saying about your business, but you may also see what they think about your competition. If you are doing something better than your competition they are bound to talk about it and vice versa. Plus, you can even do a search on Twitter feeds and find out what others are saying about your competition. Maybe it can work in your favor and you can solve their problem or meet their needs and sway these people to becoming your follower instead!
Twitter means instant Communication
Twitter has fast become the top social media platform to find out breaking news in the world. As soon as something happens everyone seems to take out their smart phones and start tweeting. That means that if you have some breaking news about your company like a flash sale or a limited time offer, you can tweet it and likely get the attention of many people that will take advantage of it and that leads to sales and profits about your company! People get excited when they realize that they get the inside track on sales and promotions because they are one of your Twitter followers and will tell others about that and they will join you as well.
So, don?t let anyone tell you that Twitter is just a passing fad, because the numbers show that it is a marketing tool that businesses can?t live without!

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