The bigwigs â??Facebook, Twitter and Google Plusâ?? have dominated the social networking scene for quite some time now. However, Pinterest is slowly making its presence felt everywhere with its growing popularity and functionality. In the past few months, the number of visitors to this site went up to 11 million; equal to 1/3rd of the Twitter users. Pinterest has been used increasingly for business promotion and to create brand awareness.

How does Pinterest work?

Pinterest is a comparatively new social networking site. It is described as a virtual pin board that functions like a free online scrap book. This photo sharing website allows users to create and share collections of diverse images. These images can be located on the Web or can be your own creations. The site makes an effort to bring users all across the globe together based on their interests.

These pin boards can include different media such as videos, images, text and monetary gifts. You can keep updating your pin boards with the relevant links, images and text. You can also re-pin anything you like on your board by hovering over the image. The links attached will help you trace the origin of that image or material.

To get started with Pinterest, you have to set up an account with the site. Without an account you only have the liberty to browse through the activity of the users. You cannot participate in any of it. There are two ways to set up an account. You can either receive an invitation from a friend who is a member of the site or you can ask for an invite from Pinterest.

The registration process requires that you integrate the Pinterest account with your Facebook or Twitter account. Users who log in via Facebook should use the â??Timelineâ? format. The sites homepage displays a â??Pin Feedâ? to view activity among boards.

Pinterest is beneficial for marketing of different products. Business owners can add â??Pin-Itâ? to their websites. This allows users to directly pin items to their boards imported from your website. Integrating you Pinterest account with other social networking sites is regarded as a clever approach to drawing more traffic to your site.

The benefits of using Pinterest

Pinterest stands to gain with its clever and simplistic design and ease of use.

Pinterest increases the number of visitors to a site to double and triple the amount. This increase is greater than that recorded by any other social networking site.

The methods used to market products are authentic.

Pinterest is a user generated content site. It is equipped with procedures to deal with copyright issues for images and other posted material. Content owners can complain about the use of their material and ask them to withhold the display of any such material. However, until now this has not been an issue.

Pinterest is truly a great social site not only for business but also for sharing likes and views. If youâ??ve not hooked onto it yet, its time you did. Set up your Pinterest account and she how it works wonders for you!

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