There are loads of multi level marketing sites on the internet, from blogs to sales pages to full blown websites. A lack of information is definitely not something to be concerned about. But what about the quality of the information, Of course, everyone is looking for different things when it comes to the topic of network marketing. But here are some common elements that everyone would like to see online.

Free valuable information: Any good website will offer you a free newsletter, training course, ebook, tool or something that can help you in your network marketing business. Whatever is being given away should also be something of value. Free junk is not in demand.

Testimonials or interviews:

A nice component of any worthwhile MLM site is a more personable section which can include things like testimonials, interviews, recorded webinars or even visitors’ comments or something which links the site to FaceBook, Twitter or any other social site. This allows the audience to gain a more personal feel of who they are dealing with, what their experiences with network marketing have taught them and how it can benefit whoever happens upon this site.

References to other work:

The best multi level marketing sites will also give credit where credit is due. Every site has a different angle, strengths and weaknesses. The authors of sites that aim to offer their visitors the most value will actually refer their readers to other websites and blogs that offer useful information in certain areas that might be lacking in their sites. This builds trust and keeps the audience happy and coming back for more!

Overall user-friendly graphics:

Perhaps of less importance but still part of the overall mix, the look and feel of the MLM site should be easy to read and non-flashy. Too many colours, fonts and ads are typical of inexperienced marketers or those that are just trying to make up for their lack of useful information. It should be easy to pick out the information that you’re looking for or to find a directory or table of contents to show you what is available.

Photos, images, illustrations and videos:

Along the same lines, images or pictures or personal videos with a message to the audience make a site stand out as well. Too many will make it look cluttered and unprofessional but the right amount of relevant illustrations can really add to the overall quality of a website. . .and the search engines like them too.

One of the best multi level marketing sites that I’ve come across in my searches has been The information is completely free (no catches and no pitches), the site is extremely easy to navigate and the tone of the writers is genuine and helpful. I would recommend that anyone involved in network marketing or considering a network marketing business check this one out.

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