What do you do when you get bored while in front of a computer? If you are like many, you are probably filling your idle time with one of the popular idle Facebook games. So what do you play then? The Facebook has gotten popular by many different things, but its games are undeniably one of the top attractions. With the different unique features and applications each Facebook game is loaded with, it is not surprising that millions of users around the world are hooked.

The most popular idle time Facebook games include Farmville and Farm Town.

There are over 70 million monthly users combined for these two games. The two has similar concept where the user gets to play as farmer in their own virtual farms. They get to grow crops and tend animals. You have to earn coins to buy seeds, flowers, and other farm items which you bring to your farm to sustain it. The

There is a corresponding amount of time needed for each seed to mature and read to harvest. As you harvest them, you earn more coins in which you can use to buy more seeds, items, and facilities. You level up in these games as you harvest and plow, which both give experience points. As you level up, more profitable seeds and items are made available to you while you can up the size of your farm.

In social aspect, you can invite friends to be your neighbors while you can chat away through the chat room. There is a distinction between these two farm idle games; it is up to you to discover it as you play both.

The Mafia Wars is another Facebook game that fills up idle time of more or less 26 million users.

What makes this game engaging is because of the dashboard game, which has no avatar character to play around but instead you are only to do jobs like robbing, icing another player in the cyberspace, and stealing. The player earns money from doing these jobs and they battle with other players’ mafias or recruit other friends to be in your own mafia.

To determine your success, the player must recruit more people to join your mafia. To level up, you have to build more experience points from fights and jobs. In this idle time game, your health, stamina, and energy are important in order for you to play into the levels. Once you run out of resources, don’t worry as all you need to do is to wait out the clock until it begins refilling.

There are other popular similar idle time games in the social networking site, the Pet Society and Yoville.

These are both cute games and being enjoyed by 19 million Facebook users around the world. True enough, you have a pet which interacts with its environment. You take care of it by tending its environment, decorating its home, feeding it, and keeping it clean and happy. Its community is designed with a caf, grocery store, and home improvement center.

One of the common characteristics that these idle time Facebook games shares is you have to invite friends as there are certain features which cannot be unlocked unless you have enough neighbors to play with. Also, these are beta games, so users may have to deal with some issues at one point or another. Also, the games allow the players to use real money to purchase online game money, though they are free to play for any Facebook account user.

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