You can easily install Adobe on your Mac or PC without encountering much difficulty. You can use a demo version first so that you can assess if the program can meet all your video editing needs.

When you start Adobe, you will instantly see a dialog box. The dialog is important because it will tell the program about your camera and how it records raw recordings. The equation has two parts Â? audio sampling and video resolution. For those who have camcorders that uses DV-CAM or mini DV tapes, the images recorded are at 720 by 480 resolution. Is your camera PAL or NTSC? Depending on your answer to this question, you will select between DV-PAL and DV-NTSC.

NTSC is used mostly in Canada and US while PAL is used in Asia and Europe. Did you take the footage in widescreen format (16:9) or standard format? After you answer this question, you should now pick the audio sampling rate. Premiere uses a default but if doesn’t apply to your situation, choose another option. All these things are done in the dialog for Project Settings.

After the dialog, you will now see Adobe’s working screen. The five areas on the screen are the following:

1. Project Area

The AVI/MOV files are tracked in this area. Such files contain all the raw recordings or footage.

2. Monitor Area

You will find two windows in this area. To the left is the ‘Source’ window and to the right is the ‘Program’. You can look at your AVI files at the left window and monitor the development of your movie or videos on the right window. You can also use the controls provided to stop, play, repeat, etc.

3. Timeline Area

All the video and audio clips are assembled in this area to create the final video or movie. With Adobe, you can handle 2 video tracks and 3 audio. However, if you want to work on more video and audio, you may do so.

4. Transition Area

Drop your chosen transitions on the video clips that you’re currently working on in this particular area.

5. Navigator Area

In this area, you can easily see the whole project whether it is small or big. You can also use the zoom level to view the project with ease.

Adobe is known all over the world today. It is a leading provider of various software programs that help users with their everyday projects. The time saving features of the Adobe video editing software allows videographers, film editors, editors, and other professionals to work faster. If you’re currently using Adobe software, you can also upgrade it and you can save more or less $200. Indeed, Adobe offers advanced technology to the people. Although the product prices are quite high, it also ensures quality and excellent service. If you have any questions or queries, you can easily contact their customer service.

The latest video editor software offered by Adobe is the Creative Suite 4 (CS4) and the introductory price is still extended until April 30, 2009. Take advantage of this tech savvy software program for only $299. You can work on your video clips with ease and create professional grade videos and movies. Experience how Adobe works magic on your raw recordings.

Now, you can watch quality videos or movies at home. You can even show off some of your works to your friends when they come over to your house.

Joshua Shoemaker

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