Camtasia Studio is probably one of the most popular software programs used by video editors today. Even if this program is highly recommended, it might not be the right program for you and your editing projects. Since many people use Camtasia Studio, you will easily be talked into getting it.

Camtasia is recommended for certain videos only. For instance, if you want to create cooking videos, Camtasia Studio is worthless. You see, this software is best suited for screen capture recordings. The main purpose of the software is to capture what’s on the screen of your computer. Video tutorials on computer applications are best done with Camtasia, as well as PowerPoint slide presentations.

Camera video is also possible with Camtasia but it should be limited to PIP (picture-in-picture) display. The video on cam will only be an add-on to the entire video.

If you’re using a camcorder to capture special events on video, you will need a standard program to edit them such as Sony Vegas, Movie Maker (Windows), Final Cut or Adobe Premiere, and many others. These programs are for camera videos and they can’t function like Camtasia. If you use such programs to show screen captured shots, nothing will happens as well. So you see, choosing the appropriate software program is of utmost importance if you want to create quality videos.

If you get Camtasia Studio today, it costs around $299. For those who want to edit screen captured shots but don’t want to spend huge money on Camtasia, you can use standard editing programs like those mentioned above but you should videotape the computer screen.

Before you purchase Camtasia Studio, you need to answer this question Â? what kind of video are you planning to create? If you’re going to focus on screen shots, then Camtasia Studio is definitely for you but if you want to edit videos captured on the beach and parties, forget about Camtasia.

Almost all of the video editing software programs sold in the market are good quality but it all depends on how an individual uses it. PowerPoint slide presentations and other screen captured shots are best handled and edited using Camtasia.

Camtasia is basically a screen recording program. You can try the free trial version to produce HD quality videos for mobile devices and the web. Camtasia offers sparkling and clear videos with no techno-speak or tweaks. On screen activities can be recorded easily and you can edit it to create polished videos.

Today, users from all over the world use Camtasia to train, sell, and teach by using videos. So far, it is the easiest way to sell products or demonstrate processes and ideas.

Through Camtasia, you can train other people through e-learning or OJT. You can use the software to enhance your customer support. The unique features of a certain product can be easily shown through the use of the program. You can even use it for you blogs and with the program, you can produce interesting, fun, and clear screen-cast videos of vast sizes.

If you visit their website, you will see a button there which allows you to download the program for free. Avail of the trial version to see if Camtasia Studio can meet your video editing needs. If it does, you can buy the software program for only $299.

Joshua Shoemaker

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