AVS is a fully functional software program that you can use for video editing. It is perfect for your home editing needs. With AVS, you can easily capture videos from photo cameras and camcorders. You can easily master slideshows and videos with transitions and effects which you can also upload to handheld gadgets like iPods, mobiles, portable players, and PSP.

Aside from those already mentioned, AVS is handy and can burn or author DVDs. It is also possible to export movies to a number of video formats. It’s like having your very own video studio. Another good thing about AVS is that it supports almost all the video formats known today. With the convenient interface of AVS, you can instantly enhance videos, create slideshows, edit certain audio tracks, and use the scene detection feature.

With this software, you can do timeline and storyboard editing. Navigation is eased through the use of the storyboard where you can organize different clips and scenes that you can use for future videos. The timeline is also expandable so you can do precision editing and trimming. It is not difficult to identify the right editing tools to use and most of all it uses the ‘drag and drop’ action.

What are the key features of the AVS?

Editing videos has never been this easy, thanks to AVS. This software program is best suited for new video editors since it does not require users to have editing skills. It boasts of about 300 transitions and video effects. If you want, you can apply credits and texts to all your videos. AVS also provides chroma-key or picture-in-picture effects.

You can do editing tasks with precision. For more accurate editing, you can use the storyboard or the advanced timeline. If you’re using HD cameras, you can now edit the videos easily and quickly. Key formats such as HD, MOD, TOD, and M2TS are supported by the software.

Like other complex video editing software programs, you can also combine videos and audio tracks with AVS. You can easily insert or mix audio tracks to the media file; you can even trim the audio clips.

Trimming videos is an important task. With AVS, you can simply split videos into different scenes to delete the ones you don’t want to include in the final video. Are you amazed at how video or film editors create overlay effects? Well, you can also do your own overlay effects because AVS offers trajectories and you can also custom it according to your needs.

The final project can be saved in different formats such as DivX, AVI, Xvid, 3GP, WMV, DAT, MPEG 1-4, RM, and many others. Your collections can be forever cherished once you burn them to DVDs, CD-R, DVD-RAM, etc.

Menu styles are also available to suit various occasions and personal preference. AVS will also recommend the appropriate format for your final videos or movies. The software interface supports various languages such as English, German, Italian, Spanish, and French. Change the language setting easily if you’re an American, German, French, or Italian.

AVS is definitely one of the best software programs in the market that can suit new and professional video editors. If you’re into video editing, why don’t you get AVS now? Check out their online site and discover more about this exciting software.

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