WordPress is probably the best website creation tool ever invented on the internet. You should use it to host your content whether that content is a series of sales letters, a blog or journal with information or even a protected membership site or a mix of all three. With WordPress, changing things and editing content, adding new content is all point and click. It contains many built-in beautiful themes. You can add multiple authors or contributors to your site and it’s easy to add multimedia such as images, audio, and video.

Unlike many website creation tools, WordPress is point and click. And I know many people who have run WordPress websites for years who don’t even know how to ftp files to their website. And you don’t have to either. To install WordPress, go on to your cPanel, go in to the fantastical area and find WordPress. In a few clicks, you have a WordPress blog that’s installed.

Once that blog’s installed, picking a design or a theme is easy. Just go to Appearance and Themes, click to install a new theme and you can search for anything you want, any kind of color scheme, number of sidebars. And in a few clicks, data is stored as well with no file transfer required.

If you want to edit any kind of functionality to your site, for example, add a Twitter button, add a Facebook Like button, add video to your site, click a button and it’s done. One thing that many people don’t know about WordPress is that you can add multiple users. You can add other administrators like you who can control the entire blog. You can add other people who can only post content. They can’t change anything. They can only add content. You can add people called contributors who can contribute content but you only add their content if you choose to.

And in addition, you can even add subscribers to your blog which means that you can add a protected private membership site where someone needs a username and password to get access, to get entry. But once they’re in, all they can do is read your content and possibly comment.

And finally, adding images and video to WordPress is very easy when you are adding a page or a post. You can click one little icon and upload any video or any image directly from your computer right there to the WordPress blog. That’s where you use WordPress to host your content because it’s point and click. There are many beautiful themes that are free, that are paid, that are being added every day. You can add multiple authors to their site and there are all kinds of functionalities, all kinds of extra plugins you can add and many things are built in that you wouldn’t even have dreamed of such as adding video or images to your content with just a few clicks.

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