Online typing freelance projects is now one of the fast growing online jobs for Filipinos. Also, it would be pleasing to those people who loves to spend more time at home than to other places. All you need to have are simple English communication skills and some technology proficiency and you are suited very well in this kind of job.

Like any online jobs, typing job is not really demanding for it only requires few technological skills, personal efforts, computer and internet connection for the transactions. Complete all of these requirements and you are off to the simplest and almost effortless way of producing money.

You need to be somehow technology proficient because you are dealing now with cyberspace connections and you are working with people that you can only talk online. But you don’t have to worry; this would take a simple method of learning because everything online is not so hard to master. As you became more aware of using the internet, the more you became expert on all of its side.

Personal efforts- this will be basically the main requirement because this would apply to every step you’ll going to take. And computer with internet connection will be your material for the whole process. Needless to say, without these materials, the process of money-making will be nonexistent.

Online typing jobs spin mainly about transcription services. You are supplied PDF or IMAGES (jpg or gif) or any other format where you can’t simply copy and paste. You then rewrite these materials into a text file or doc file exactly as you find them in the files sent to you. This is the classic version of online typing jobs.

According to, while many American companies do decide to in source, many choose to outsource because of the cost and specialization, that is why their companies are more than willing to give this work to those who are searching for jobs online. They can save triple when they let Filipinos do these works because US employers have added costs that push their minimum daily wage costs upwards?insurance, state and federally mandated unemployment schemes, savings plans, etc. Even if an employer in the US can afford to pay their workers minimum wage, they might view the distraction from their core business as a deal killer. Many companies use online agencies to find Filipino transcribers and pay them very attractive salaries or project fees.

In this line of work the more extra processing is required, the more the client will pay. The more the projects are, the big the earning is. And you’ll get pay via paypal or through bank accounts. Some companies would rather pay in checks but the downside of it is it takes so much time before you receive it.

Without breaking a sweat, one can already earn a lot through pondering the keyboard and typing some projects online. Not only those who are not working can benefit from it because people who have job already but wants to earn more can also work for this.

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