Aside from keeping in touch with friends and relatives, many people also go on Instagram in the hopes of gaining a lot of followers. Whether they are promoting a business or a brand (or themselves, as is the case with some celebrities), getting a lot of engaged followers is a surefire way for them to achieve their goals.

But with 150 million users on Instagram constantly uploading their own unique photographs and content, how can you make sure that your account stands out, In short, what can you do to generate a massive following,

The succeeding list includes a handful of tips that can help you entice other users to subscribe to your account:

1.)Follow a specific theme. One way to engage your audience is to carve out a niche for yourself. What sort of photos do you usually post, What line of business are you in, The answers to those two questions will usually determine the sort of theme that you can implement in your Instagram account. Once you find your theme or niche (e.g., food, fashion, make-up), focus on generating content that revolves around it. Given Instagram?s massive user base, it should only be a matter of time before your target audience comes knocking (or in this case, following).

2.)Use hashtags wisely. Hashtags not only organize your posts, they also help other users and your followers find their desired content. For example, if you are posting a photo of a poster announcing a sale at your online store, you can use hashtags like #sale, #promo, or #50%off to attract followers.

Conversely, refrain from using too many hashtags or from putting irrelevant ones in your post. These only serve to confuse and irritate your current followers and could very well put off potential ones.
You can also take your cue from hashtags that are trending to determine the sort of content to put up.
3.)Study your follower?s habits so you can find out about the best time to publish your content. If you find that several of your followers are especially active on Friday afternoons, then use that window to post content to maintain your following and to attract their active contacts as well.

4.)Don?t be afraid to use Instagram?s filters. These are especially great if you want to convey a certain effect or feel in your post. The right filter can make your product photos look even more vibrant so that they stand out in the newsfeed or can make your announcements look sharp and striking to convey a mood of urgency. Experiment with the available filters so that you can find which ones work for your purposes.

5.)Actively engage other followers (even your competitors? followers). You can do this by liking a photo that may appear on one of your contacts? newsfeeds, commenting on a photo, or even following other users on Instagram. The more engaged you are with your potential audience, the higher the likelihood of them responding to your efforts. This usually results in a bigger and more engaged following.

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