The idea of keeping a journal may be totally new to you. Perhaps you even have an unhealthy mindset about it. Journaling is different than keeping a diary and yes there is absolutely no reason why anyone couldn’t do a diary. Top military men, CEO’s, actors and yes if those dreaded politicians keep journals.
When you are certain that doing a journal should be a daily activity in your busy life, you have to decide how many journals? The only one that can provide the answer is you. Some people can only keep one journal, while others may have several or even multiple journals. Journaling your goals is best done on paper and then transferring to a computer if you wish. However, for some people, there is a need to do both physical and digital journals.

Digital journals can center around your photography interests, where you take your pictures and then print them out to be placed in a physical journal.
There are so many benefits to journaling. As it relates to goal planning, journaling actually speeds up your progress. The daily goal journaling ignites your passion and influences what your mind spends most of its time thinking about. Studies have shown that men and women think about sex repeatedly during the day. While sex is wonderful, it is better to shut your brain off from that for a while and concentrate on goals to make your life abundant.

Journaling and goal planning need other seeds to help you grow. Journaling improves clarity which is so important. You need to be able to clearly see what is working for you and what needs to be tweaking or omitting completely. Being congruent comes from journaling. Your deepest desires will come to forefront and you will make your dreams come true.

Knowing yourself and understanding where you started and where you are going is very important. While not everyone loves history in itself, they are consumed with their own personal history. Writing a journal, whether it is your goals journal, or your relationship journal is your written history. In later years you may come back to your journals to be astounded at the progress you made over the years. Some people will even take the journals and use them to help create a family history, much like a scrapbook.
Journaling is rewarding in so many ways. As you jot down goals in a brief few words, think about how grateful you are for everything in your life. You can make gratitude notes like, “I’m going to take my kids to Disney Land and I am grateful for the love and support of my children.” Your gratitude notes do not have been long in your journal. If you believe in a Creator, as you write down a goal, put something like, “Thank you Lord,” overtop of it. You are blessed to have the opportunity to write and fulfil many goals, while others in the world are not so lucky.

Many people say they cannot write, that they even struggle to compose emails to friends and family. Keeping a journal will not only help you set and attend goals, it will help you become a better writer. Writing and speaking skills are so important in todays world. Whether you work from home or outside in the workplace, the ability to communicate with enthusiasm is very important. Do you have a goal of making more money at work, perhaps setting yourself up for a raise and/or a bonus? Work on your journaling everyday. When you are ready, you can write a nice little report as to why you deserve the raise. You can use this as backup to present to your boss. Even if they may have not felt you deserved the raise at that time, they might read the bullet points of why you are essential to the company and the raise might come next time.
Don’t delay and start journaling today.

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