Are you a new marketer, Or are you a seasoned marketer who is yet to make 6-figures from your online business, Well, I?m here to share the good news of how you can grow your business at a faster rate. It’s true that at the start, building a business can be a slow process. Writing articles and publishing blog posts, writing weekly newsletters, being active on social media by posting a few times day, as well as all the post engagements that can go along with it take time. But all these efforts give your business a foundation to be built on.

However, there is a secret you can use and skyrocket your business to greater heights – and that is by doing joint ventures. This proven shortcut to success can enable you to bypass all of the time and effort you would have used to grow your business gradually.

A typical joint venture involves a simple rule: you promote my products, and I’ll promote your products as well. Joint ventures can enable you grow your business at a faster rate than doing all the groundwork that is usually recommended.

As a newbie, you still do not have exposure, and your list of people you can do joint ventures with is in most cases very limited. Big JV players will probably not work with you since you don’t have much to offer and this is because most of the potential JV partners have built their business using the means we’ve just discussed. If you do happen get a chance to work with an established JV partner as a newbie consider yourself very lucky.

Regardless, you can still get potential JV partners who can help you out. This won’t involve sending them FedEx packages to get their attention or promising them to do their grunt work if they will mail for you.

Instead, the secret is to offer them a big idea or unique way of doing things that will grab their attention and get them fired up. Everyone wants to be part of a vision that seems to have a potential to grow into something bigger than themselves.

Your big idea should revolve around your niche. If you are in the weight loss niche, you can have a challenge to get 20,000 American office workers to lose 1 million pounds- that translates to 50 pounds each, which is a sensible target. If you are in a gardening niche, you can propose to raise money for community gardens or just supply seeds to countries in need. If you are in the music niche, maybe you can propose to fund a city music program.

The point is, you need to come up with big, unique idea and get as many joint venture partners onboard as possible. You just need to get a few prominent names interested in your project and from there, others will quickly follow because of the influence of the first ones that get involved. Think of it this way – it is the same thing that happens in movies. Once a big star signs on to a movie, everyone wants to join in as well.

This can also be motivational. You’re probably motivated to add an extra zero your monthly income, but having a really BIG goal that makes others get fired up can be very motivational. So it is a two-way thing: get a big goal that will attract many JV partners, and you will be motivated and energized for the project.

It?s good to understand that not all your ideas will get embraced by JV?s. So as a newcomer, if your idea didn?t capture the attention of any JV partners, this doesn?t mean you quit. Just persevere and look for another way – and getting people fired up by your big idea is the alternate way.

Therefore, come up with a list of all the possible ideas you can think of in your niche. Visualize your ideas for a few days and try to look at it from a JV perspective to see if they would get fired up by the idea. If you don?t find it particularly thrilling… think of another idea. Ideas can come at times when you least expect them – maybe when you are showering, driving, or even falling asleep. When an idea strikes, be sure to write it down. I can’t tell you how many times I have lost great ideas forever because I didn’t.

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