If you’re setting up a WordPress blog more than once, you shouldn’t repeat the same steps you are taking before. You should setup WordPress the way you want, back it up, and restore it somewhere else. This process is called cloning. You’re taking your WordPress blog and setting an exact copy up in a new location.

The steps are, first of all, set it up the way you want, use a backup plugin to generate a backup file and restore that backup file somewhere new. It is in fact that simple. The first thing you should do is either install a new fresh WordPress in your control panel Fantastico or use a WordPress blog you already have setup. It doesn’t matter if you already have post, content, if it’s made in a certain way, just back it up as is because it’s way easier in the future to restore it somewhere else and delete that content that is already there.

Therefore, you set it exactly the way you want it as far as the themes, the settings, the plugins, the content, all that. Even if aren’t concerned about the content yet, that’s fine. We will deal with that later. Setup your site exactly the way you want and use a backup plugin to back it up. You should already be using a backup plugin but in case you aren’t, that’s fine. Go get one and back up your site.

What a backup is, is a dump of your entire WordPress database which means your settings, your customizations, your content and all your files and it will wrap it all into one giant zip file that you can download to your computer and put somewhere else, put on a new website. Backing up means that it will create basically a zip file for you, you’ll save it to your hard drive and put it somewhere else.

Different backup plugins work in different ways but the best ones you setup a new blank, empty WordPress blog on your own. This way, you can in a few clicks setup WordPress. You don’t have to worry about making a new database, setting up files and folders. Go into you cPanel which means go to your website, http://www.example.com/cpanel, click on the link for Fantastico and click on the link for WordPress and you can setup a brand new blank, empty WordPress blog right there on your new site.

Go to that new site and install WordPress and install your backup plugin. With your backup plugin, you’ll be able to put your restore file, put your backup file right in there. There’s your backup plugin and your backup file. Put the backup file which contains the original WordPress site and when you restore it, it will duplicate everything that was on the old site including all the content, the members, the plugins, all that stuff.

If you don’t want to keep the content, that’s fine. Just use a plugin called Bulk Delete and it will delete all the content in your site, so you can start with an exact fresh copy of your original site minus all the content.

Now that you’ve restored the backup plugin where you want, now you have a completely cloned WordPress blog. If someone is paying you a certain amount of money to setup a membership site, take your membership site, copy it and now they have a fully functioning membership site as well. If someone’s paying you to setup a blog with all of the social media, all the security, all the tweaks and settings, just clone your blog and now you’ve been paid the same amount of money but you didn’t have to repeat all the same steps you had to go through originally.

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