Twitter has come a long way since it started back in March 2006, going from about 400,000 tweets a quarter to more than 140 million a day by 2011, as well as getting nearly 160 billion page views as in the quarter ending in September 2013. All of those amazing statistics show just how much power Twitter has, especially for the small business just starting out or one trying to get going in today?s fast paced market.
What Makes Twitter So Great,
One of the reasons that Twitter has gotten so powerful is that it is a source of instance news, meaning that anyone can get a short 140 character tweet off and in seconds millions of people know what is going on when an emergency hits. In fact, Twitter is now considered to be a primary source for a breaking news story! Many times it is through Twitter that people find out something has happened in the world, usually within a few seconds of its occurrence.
With that in mind, just think about how powerful of a tool it can be for your business. By sending out a tweet you can immediately alert your followers about a sale at your business, or put out data on a brand new product, and you can expect your customers to be talking about it, thus getting you immediate action towards possible profits or new customers going to your website to see what it is all about.
Twitter Provides Many Services to Empower Businesses
Twitter is now the third largest social network platform and thereby gives users a very powerful network for a business to extend their ability to communicate with their customers, as well as their business partners. It also helps to save costs since it is a free service, thus saving money for other ventures. It provides a way for businesses to get out the important news of the day with the expectation of getting results much quicker than in the past with mere print or radio ads, for instance.
Twitter puts the business in the captain?s chair by giving you the power to decide which messages you share or retweet. It enables the engagements with your clients in ways not even conceived of just a few years ago. If your client, for instance, has a problem, you can respond back in seconds and thus build up the notion that you are a caring company and want to fix your client?s problems and meet their needs.
It also lets businesses know exactly what their customers and potential clients are saying and thinking about their company. That way they can respond and get insight into the things they are doing both right and wrong and be able to take action accordingly. Plus, you can do the same with your competition and see what people are saying about them as well.
Twitter Helps Your Business Go Global
Twitter includes users from all over the world. In today?s global marketplace a small business can?t ignore the fact that if they want to really grow and succeed. Being able to interact with potential customers all over the world gives any business the opportunity to possibly offer and sell their products in many more places and do it more economically. In the past the small business especially likely wouldn?t have the means to be able to do this, and Twitter lets them do it on the same platform as a much larger and richer company.
Anyone?s tweet, including that of a small business, has the potential to go viral, meaning that it could be shared by ultimately millions of people in just a few seconds. That sort of power is something that can literally make or break a company no matter its size and can be good or bad, depending on the contents of that tweet. That is why a business must use the power of Twitter carefully and be careful what you put out in your tweets, as that power can either help launch your company to the best possible heights in your niche or crush you to the bottom of the barrel.
Twitter Helps Keep Businesses in the Loop
Businesses today have to stay ahead of the game and stay caught up to what is going on in their niche as well as what their competition is doing. Fads and trends can happen in seconds and be gone just as fast. If you aren?t there and logged in to hear about it through your tweets and the tweets of others, then that?s a miss at an opportunity that could have possibly made you money. You can?t let that happen if you want to be a success in the business world.
All of this shows the power of Twitter for small businesses, as well as large businesses, and so if you don?t have an account, then you need to get one immediately.

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