We have some time or the other heard that we
could achieve what we truly believe in. Having
faith in something will help you achieve it.

Many people will discard this theory, while some
may have tried doing it but may not have actually
done so and still others who have tried it and
have tasted success through it.

However, gaining success is not very easy, as you
have to follow the steps in this believing
process and use it in your favor.

Trust It

Answer a few of the questions:

-Do you believe with all faith that there are
various ways to reach your goal and you just need
to find them? -Do you have total faith in
yourself and your ability to achieve whatever you
desire financially and personally? -Do you
completely believe that you will be shown the
right direction at right time and no matter where
you are now, you will reach your destination?

If your answer for many of the above questions is
in negative then it will not lead you to where
you wish to go.

You need to completely believe that everything
will work in your favour. The belief that you can
find an answer for every question that arises
while knowing and believing that you can and you

How to gain such a high level of self-confidence

Start with small steps. Start by targeting small
problems in your daily life like, if you are not
able to find the keys, keep telling yourself that
you will find them.

When you really find them, you will start
believing in this process. While doing a project
with a strict deadline keep assuring yourself
that you will finish your project within the
deadline and when you have finished the project
you have developed confidence in yourself. By
bringing this change in yourself, you will learn
to be confident about yourself.

Stop worrying, because worrying is like not
trusting yourself. Sentences like, “I worry
because I may not be able finish the exams”, show
your lack of confidence. By worrying, you cannot
change the situation.

As you start believing yourself in making small
decisions, it will become a habit with you.
Therefore, when you face bigger problems in life,
you know what to do. You have stopped worrying
and are facing challenges with lots of
self-confidence. You know what to do and have the
ability to achieve what you wish for.

Steps for making self-belief a practice might
look easy but you will take some time to achieve
this habit. Financial success depends highly on
self-belief. Without this, nothing will make

Everybody wants to be rich. Some of them have
already achieved this and some are trying to
achieve. Many paths will lead you to financial
success and the meaning for wealth is different
for each of us. No matter how you define wealth,
your notion of wealth will help you achieve
financial success.

Having correct attitude towards money helps you
accomplish financial success. It has its own
presence, identity and power.

Understanding how changing your notion about
money in your situation is very important.

Until then,
Joshua Shoemaker

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