Wrong notions in your mind will lead you nowhere.
You will never be able to attain the kind of
wealth you want.

Many people believe that they do not have the
ability to earn the kind of money that is needed
for living luxuriously. They have negative ideas
in their mind. What others think about them has
become the basis for analyzing their self. They
strongly believe that however hard they work they
will not succeed. These negative thoughts become
the vision of your life.

Look Within

Do not believe in something just because everyone
shares the same notion. Keep questioning those
ideas. Do not follow the herd blindly. If large
numbers of people believe in something that does
not necessarily certify it to be true. People in
the old days believed that the earth was flat and
the sun moved around it. Today, we all know this
is not the truth. Even though everybody believed
this, that did not mean it was right.

Constantly question yourself. It is easy and
tempting to take comfort in these beliefs when we
are facing hardships in life. These beliefs give
you a sense of security. You are right to accept
that they can be false.

If you are clear in your thoughts you will find
that real belief will stand the test of time and
the wrong notions will not. Hence, remove these
notions from your life. Keep asking yourself,
“Can this be trusted?” What is the guarantee that
this is the truth? “Is this really the truth?”

Beliefs, which have not been tested, are like
fairy tales, they may comfort you at time, you
may find them to be pretty, find them funny, and
as it is what you wanted to believe but not
necessarily be the truth.

Are these your notions about money? Do you
mention these ideas about money often, seriously
or casually? If you do, that means unknowingly
these notions are influencing your relationship
with money.

-Many of the rich people have acquired money
through illegal ways.

-All the evil in the world is caused by money.

-I am not worthy of being rich.

-Money is generated by money. As I do not have
money, I cannot become rich.

-Rich people are not as honest as poor.

-When it is about money, some people have all

-Outrageously rich.

-Wealthy people are atheistic.

-I am not supposed to be rich and that is why I
am not.

-Rich people are exceptionally creative, gifted
and intelligent.

-All the rich people have inherited wealth.

-Rich people are rude and antagonistic.

-All rich people are corrupt.

Whether you will have an abundance of money or
eke out a living will depend upon your perception
of money. You have to decide how much money you
want to earn for a lavish life and make plans

Do you go through lots of hardships to earn
money; are you doing your job, which you truly
hate? Wealth gets attracted to you easily or you
earn money without any difficulty if your notion
of wealth is correct.

Your feel good factor about money depends upon
your idea about money.

If you are comfortable with in your subconscious
mind, this is the richest area of emotions. Your
previous experience with money will decide how
comfortable you are with finances.

You can experience financial well being and
generate as much wealth as you wish if you try to
remove all the negative feelings you.

-Think about money as energy you move and live
with, and that letting this energy into your life
will bring wealth into your life. See what
difference it makes in your life.

-Believe that money can come to you as easily as
the air you breathe and see what difference this
notion makes in your life.

You are determined that having all the wealth you
need will make you uncomfortable with the above
notion. Decide to change your notions about
money, which are negative and are stopping the
influx of money that you are entitled to.

In the next lesson we will take a look at why
benevolence is very important

Until then,
Joshua Shoemaker

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