Your journey in this world can indeed become easier and peaceful when you know and respect the fundamental truths in life.

Here then is part 1 of the fundamental truths of online marketing, life, and the universe. That might be a little bit of hyperbole, but you can decide that for yourself.

Law #1: Only you are responsible for your own success. Once you come to this realization, you suddenly realize that blaming others for your success or failure is mostly useless because you are the one in control of your life. So in other words, your destiny is indeed in your own hands, and it is your responsibility to act accordingly.

If you continue to think about this idea and expand your mind further, you will realize that happiness is in your control as well. At this very moment in time, you can decide if you want to be happy or not. In addition to that, you decide if you will get up early for work, help the community, or run a mile every day. It is all in YOUR hands.

You might be saying something along the lines of ?I already know this.? Well, everyone continuously says they are fully aware that they are in control and then proceeds to blame those around them for their problems. So have you blamed someone other than yourself for your shortcomings in the last week, Have you thought something along the lines of ? If only my spouse would ____, then I could _____, Or If only my parents had ____, then I could have ____,? Of course, you have! However, you are simply following human nature. All humans are born with an innate tendency to place their responsibilities on others. A truly exceptional individual that is destined for success is the individual who has the self-awareness and wisdom to take full responsibility for their own life.

Law #2: Do something that you are good at (something that identifies with your personality, lifestyle, and internal feelings). Success is essentially inevitable if you abide by that rule. In other words, by working with your innate talents as opposed to against them, you are already on the path to success. Additionally, this type of acceptance will allow you to excel in that particular profession and will allow you to radiate a type of happiness and sense of pride that is only bestowed upon those that are wise enough to choose an occupation that identifies with their innate gifts.

Just imagine if one person entered a profession because they loved it and another person entered the same profession because they knew there was money to be made. The person following their innate instinct and choosing to work with their best interest in mind will obviously succeed at a much faster rate and be happier doing so. On the other hand, the person seeking purely financial success will likely struggle through a miserable life each and every day. The bottom line is that both personal success and financial success are almost guaranteed if one follows their passion.
Law #3: If you are not improving then you are failing. At first, that might sound too dramatic, but it is continuously shown throughout history. A prime example in today?s society can be seen by looking at an online marketer. An online marketer that does not improve upon their knowledge or their business will find that their confidence, pride, and overall security is in jeopardy. Constant improvement is what creates an exceptional person that interests and amazes those around them.

Law #4: Give to receive. This concept can essentially be summed up with one word – generativity. However, it is almost always better to explain the concept further. Essentially the idea is to contribute to those around you. By doing this, you will better the next generation, contribute to your overall happiness, and create lifelong acquaintances.

Law #5: Strive for perfection and accept the result: The idea of perfection is subjective because perfection varies from person to person. However, if you strive to be better constantly, then you are bettering yourself and your skill set. More importantly, you are enhancing the odds of one identifying your performance/product as perfect. So in other words, perfection is, for the most part, an impossibility, but striving to always be better increases the chances that one may perceive you or your product as perfect. Even if they do not identify the product as perfect, it is still a win-win because you improved yourself or your product.

Law #6: You MUST believe in yourself. Success is truly a test of self-confidence because it boils down to the fact that you either believe you can do it or you do not. If you tend to underestimate yourself, then you will be likely to give up or fail. However, a good sense of oneself and a rather large amount of self-trust will allow you to push yourself and believe in yourself no matter what. This is key because those around you may give up on you and you must maintain that confidence in yourself and push yourself.

Law #7: Immediately start improving to create more self-confidence. Obviously, you are not going to begin your business venture by saying ?I am going to make a billion dollars this year.? That is just an unrealistic expectation. However, as time progresses you can constantly improve until that goal seems reasonable. For example, when you are starting off you might begin by saying ?today I am going to get my website built.? After that, your next goal might be to gather customers and begin selling some products. After a few months, you might have a total of 100 products, which is when the goals can be taken up a notch. Your goal might be to make $10,000 a month.

Law #8: Focus on your positives. This is essentially two rules in one because it is all about realizing you cannot do it all while also understanding that you must embrace your positive attributes. For example, you might be great at writing content and bad at the technical stuff. That is fine. Just embrace your writing abilities and then find someone that can help you with the technical side of things.

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