You have more than likely heard it all when it comes to the relationship between videos and marketing. YouTube videos are good for traffic, and videos establish the fastest connection between you and your audience, etc? Over the years I have heard so many different tips and tricks about how to create videos it is insane. Some people invest over $1,000 just on the lighting for their videos.

The best advice that I can give when it comes to creating your own marketing videos is to just DO IT. People get way too obsessed with lighting, sound, words, and every other aspect. Sure those play a role, but they are nothing compared to simply putting out a piece of quality material that is full of authenticity, knowledge, and heart.

Another thing that everyone seems to overlook is the fact that amateur videos and professionally made videos do not have such a huge difference in terms of views and overall feedback. Someone can invest $20,000 in a video that is lacking authenticity and receive virtually no views. On the other hand, an amateur can release a video for $20 that is full of authenticity and receive millions of views in no time at all. It all boils down to the connection between the person watching the video and you.

The best method is to set a deadline and stick to that deadline. When the video is finalized, go ahead and put it up on YouTube and tell your audience (blog readers and email list) about it.

Over time you will get better and better. In addition to that, you will continue building a bigger audience and a more loyal following, which is great for your business. Just remember to keep putting out content that is both authentic and engaging.

Money always comes to people who act. Don?t be afraid to live the life you want to live and do the things you want to do. Feel free to tell me when you get that first video up. I will check it out.

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