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Speed can make the difference between success and failure in online marketing; as an online marketer, here are three kinds of speed you need to focus on:

1. Your website speed – The rate at which your website pages loads determines your conversion rate. In fact, for every second your pages delay to load, your conversion declines by 2-7 percent while page views reduce by 1-2 percent. In addition, Google introduced loading speed as one of its algorithms when determining how high a site may rank on search results.

Now this is not meant to be a tutorial of how to improve the load speed of your web pages; rather we wanted to enlighten you briefly on the three kinds of speeds you need to focus on as an online entrepreneur.

2. The speed of your customer service – If you receive a customer email today, you need to answer it within 24 hours. If you can?t handle giving your customer a prompt reply, then hire a virtual assistant. If you can?t afford to hire a VA, then at least have a help desk that notifies your customer about your working hours, so they know when you will reply to their question.

3. Your own speed – The speed at which you execute a brilliant idea that you may have can make the difference between it being success or failing. Therefore, ensure that you act on it as soon as you can. If an idea hits your mind, maybe on how to increase your subscribers, do you act on it at the moment, or do you get around to it when you feel like it, Procrastination is something you need to avoid when it comes to doing to handling tasks in your business.

I have found that if I don?t work on a new idea the moment it hits my brain, the chances are that I will never act on it. Also, if I start becoming cautious and looking for ways to perfect it before executing the plan, it gets boring and becomes a waste of resources and time, along with a blow to my self-esteem and confidence. After my findings, I have a theory. Each time a brilliant idea hits you, and you fail to act on it, you are one step close to joining thousands of procrastinators in the world.

Procrastinating one or two ideas is not a big deal, but it becomes a problem when they add up, and soon you find out that you have a long list of excellent ideas that you never implemented. This will end up killing your confidence; procrastination will remain your only friend.
Speed is paramount to success – You cannot assume one kind of speed if you want to achieve success; you need to have all the three speeds. If an idea clicks, work on it now. Outline all the necessities of achieving that idea and then put it at the top of your list of priorities. When done, cross it off and go on the second. Can you have it done by tomorrow,

By doing so, you will become addicted to your business, and your income and confidence will have you to thank.

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