If you need ideas but don?t know what to do next then you?ve come to the right place. This article will reveal 10 tips that will help you get started with your next big idea. Are you ready to get started,

1. Turn to your Job Experience
I?m willing to bet that you have specific skillsets that you can pull from your career or previous jobs. People will pay to learn about most skills so the absolute best place to find your next idea is from yourself. Maybe you have worked in management for a corporation, Then share your experience and provide useful tips. Are you a great chef, Then there are people out there who would pay to learn some of your culinary secrets.

2. Teach Something
Did you know that teaching others about something that you want to learn more about is the fastest way to become an expert, It?s 10 times faster to learn about a new topic if you?re teaching others than if you are a student. That?s shocking! Once you?ve come up with a great curriculum, then consider packaging it together and transform it into an informational product. You can sell it for an easy $97 to $197 a pop!

3. Try Learning Something New
If you?re completely out of ideas, then find a course within your niche and take it. Use this as a starting point for the creation of your own product.

4. Use Real Life Experience
Turn to your real life experience for ideas. Are you a parent who has advice for other parents, Did you lose a lot of weight and transform your body from unhealthy to fit, I?m sure that you?ve got experiences in your life that are unique. People will pay to learn about life experiences that can help them. Plus, experience that happened to you in real life are very easy to impart onto others.

5. Write About a Process
Have you started a business from the ground up, If so, then you have the makings of a great product. Write about that entire process and then sell it. People are happy to pay for knowledge that will help them learn from your mistakes and take advantage of some shortcuts that you might have learned along the way. This is true with any process that you can imagine: from pregnancy to turning iron into gold.

6. Write About a Hobby
Do you have a hobby that you absolutely love, Then why not write about it, Nothing is more fulfilling than making money with topics that you truly love and adore. Whatever your hobby is, there are probably people out there who will pay good money to learn from your experience.

7. Compile Anecdotes and/or Stories into a Book
Consider the huge success of books like ?Chicken Soup for the Soul?. Choose a common theme and then compile stories that follow that same theme. If you use another person?s story then be sure to get permission to use it. This can serve as a super-fast method of creating a new book. Plus, there is a lot of money in this market.

8. Find a Need and Fill It
Don?t be afraid to ask your current readers and customers what they want to know. Then create a product that provides it for them. I read somewhere about a lawyer who constantly heard his clients saying that they wished there was an easy reference book for some of the more basic laws. That way, they would not have to hire a lawyer with every single question. So this lawyer wrote a reference book and ended up selling thousands of copies!

9. Narrow your Niche
Sometimes you might find that you already have a great idea for a new product, but upon further research you determine that a lot of your competition already has products based on that same idea. This is a point when you need to narrow your niche in a way so that it becomes different from that of your competition. For example, if you are planning to write a book about gardening then you would search for books on that topic and discover that there are already hundreds of books on that topic. Therefore, you could narrow it down to make it a book to show how to garden on a patio of an apartment.

10. Pay Attention to the World Around You
Pay attention to the world around you so that you don?t miss things that may spark your interest. By doing this, you will find topics everywhere. The trick is learning how to spot them. For example, next time you?re watching a television commercial, pay closer attention to what is being sold. You will be surprised at how often you will get ideas that are so simple you wonder how you never considered it before.

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