When you think that you’ve picked a niche that is worth exploring deeper, it’s important that you test the niche to see if there is enough interest for you to earn money before you spend too much money developing, creating, and marketing a new product or service. One really great way to do so is to test interest with a teleseminar.

A teleseminar can be given just over the phone, or online and on the phone. The audience can call in and listen live or listen to a recording. With some teleseminar platforms you can even play the teleseminar “as live” where the clients don’t realize that the event is recorded at all and it’s run on automatic.

Link – http://instantteleseminar.com/

1. Choose a Topic Â? A teleseminar can be on any topic you want, directed to any niche you want. Choose a topic of interest to your test niche. Maybe your event can be something like “20 tips for (fill in the blanks).” Choose a topic that they would care about enough to attend with the idea of collecting email information to market other products to them later.

2. Set the Date and Start Marketing Â? Set a date for the teleseminar a few weeks from now and start marketing it right away through email, social media, joint ventures, advertisements and press releases. You can work on the content between now and the teleseminar date.

3. Collect Sign-Up Information Â? Be sure to collect information from each person who signs up for your teleseminar event. In this way, you can collect the information needed to be sure you can attract enough audience members for your niche.

4. Have More Than One Â? Don’t give up if your first turn-out isn’t what you expect; it can take a long time to attract a brand new audience to start your new niche. The way to tell is to look at your reach compared to your conversions.

5. Ask for Help Â? There are already likely people who serve this new niche you want to get involved in, and you may want to include them in your teleseminar by inviting them to speak for 10 to 15 minutes. They will promote the event to their lists which helps you get on the inside of the new niche.

6. Develop the Content Â? Based on the title you choose for your teleseminar, you’ll want to start creating the content so that you can give a good event to the new audience.

7. Create a Spectacle Â? If you can offer free “door prizes” and discounts to participants in the teleseminar, your turn-out, and your email list by extension, will be a lot bigger. The bigger the turn-out, the better you can judge the niche based on their participation subsequently.

8. Follow Up Â? After the teleseminar is really the time you can better test your niche. You’ll use the information you collected on the participants to contact them and ask for even more information. This response is crucial to testing whether the new niche is appropriate and profitable.

If you try a few times, have a good amount of website visitors, and you still do not get a good response, then it is possible that the niche is not a profitable niche. But, if you are able to get some response and more information from the niche based off your follow ups after the teleseminar, then you’ve found yourself a new niche that can likely become very profitable.

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