Have you ever heard of these services called Amazon S3 and Dropbox? They are file storage services that are much more reliable than your computer’s local hard drive. When you make a backup of your site you don’t ever want to lose that backup. The real question is if your computer’s hard drive crashes tomorrow will you lose anything? Will you lose months or years of old websites backups. The question should hopefully be no because hard drives crash, websites get bigger and you can easily restore from anywhere as long as you make sure to backup using one of these services.

Hard drives crash and if you are using an external hard drive you still aren’t safe. Your hard drive will probably crash at some point. If not in a year from now, ten or twenty years from now. What you should do is when you have a backup of your site, get an account at Dropbox.com or at AWS.amazon.com. These are both great file storage services that are very cheap to put files on. All you have to do is just get an account, browse to it and then upload your file and wait for it to finish. Once the file is done now a permanent copy is stored online that will probably never go anywhere. Just on the fact that your hard drive might crash is an excellent reason for you to put another copy of your backup up in S3 or in Dropbox.

The other problem is that your websites get bigger and bigger over time as you add more content. If you have, let’s say, a 1 gigabyte website the size of your backup is going to be 1 gigabyte. If you backup every week your site will grow to 1 gigabyte, 2 gigabytes, 3 gigabytes, 4 gigabytes and so on every single week. It’s important for you that once you backup your site to take that backup off your site so it’s not wasting space. Instead put it on one of these file storage sites that are meant to hold lots of files, that are meant to hold large files. That way you are moving it away from your website and your website can hold the actual content, not all of your backups.

Finally, when you put your backups in Dropbox or in S3 you can now restore them from anywhere. This means that if you lose your computer, if your computer is stolen, your computer crashes or you simply are not at your computer, you can still restore that backup from anywhere. Download it from Amazon S3, put it on your website, click the button and now your backup has been restored. Store your backups in S3 or in Dropbox because hard drives tend to crash, websites do get bigger over time and now you can restore your information from anywhere.

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