An in-demand job or work-at-home career, the social media consultant might be known under different names such as social media specialist, social media manager, and others. However, typically consultants will tell a business what they need to do rather than perform the tasks themselves. A social media consultant might also have a staff that works with them to do the tasks that need to be done.

Skills a Social Media Consultant Needs

* Good organization skills Â? If you work for several clients, you’ll need a system in place to help you keep everything organized. Consider using a system like Basecamp to help you keep each client as well as contractors organized.

* Excellent communicators Â? The ability to communicate with a wide variety of people from your clients who may not speak “social media” to contractors that you hire to do the work, will be necessary to make everything run smoothly.

* Understanding of social media technology Â? It’s imperative to stay on the cutting edge of social media technology in terms of social media itself, as well as the apps that make it easier to use. Plus, understanding the intricacies of each network helps, too.

* Knowledge of online marketing Â? While a general knowledge of marketing is essential to success as a social media consultant, having a particular understanding of social media marketing will get you far.

* Experience in creating or having created SEO content Â? Content makes the internet go round, and it’s no different for social media marketing. In fact, a good social media consultant understands that website content is crucial to social media marketing.

* Superior leadership skills Â? A consultant typically does not perform much of the work themselves. Instead they design, organize, systemize and lead others to do the work necessary to run social media campaigns.

* A good understanding of marketing metrics Â? There are many tools that need to be used in order to test whether or not the strategy you’re using is working. You will need to be able to prove to your clients that what you want to do is working.

* Cross-channel marketing knowledge Â? Social media marketing is about using many different channels to get the message out about a business. Learning about different channels, including new ones, will keep you on the cutting edge of social media marketing.

How to Get Started as a Social Media Consultant

If you have some or all of these skills, you can get started by setting up a website to promote your new business. Set a good example of how good your business knowledge is by being an example of what a social media marketing consultant does. Perform social media marketing consulting with your own business first.

* Set up a website Â? If you can’t do it yourself, have a professional set up one for you. Your website is your calling card and a demonstration of how good you are at the job you want to do for others.

* Set up your social media accounts Â? Once again, your social media accounts are necessary to demonstrate to everyone how great you are at social media consultations. If your accounts and information aren’t top-notch, they won’t realize how much they need you.

* Create awesome social media content Â? The content you create is essential to your social media presence. Create, or have created, content for your social media accounts that get you noticed by the people you want to hire you.

* Develop great images that go with content Â? Locate or have created images that go with the social media content that will enhance your message. Today, people are very visual and will be more likely to contact you for business if your message is clear.

* Find an internship or education Â? You’ll need experience, and sometimes you might have to do some free work or low-cost work to make a name for yourself. Contact local non-profits that you want to help with their social media campaigns.

* Gather testimonials from satisfied people Â? As you work with people as an intern, volunteer or for low fees, collect testimonials to add to your website so that you can attract the high value clients you need to make this business work.

If you set up your systems and everything in such a way as to demonstrate your knowledge, skills and understanding of social media marketing and what a social media consultant can do for someone, you will be in high demand.

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