SEO is constantly changing, it is constantly becoming more complicated and many of the techniques that once worked are no longer valid. Buying links or performing ?link swaps? was once one of the best techniques out there, but now it will get you penalized. Keyword stuffing was once commonplace, now there are few things worse!
With this in mind, here are a few SEO techniques that will still work to this day?

? Building a links profile using the ?degrees of separation? mentioned earlier. Chase after those top quality links offering to write blog posts for them in exchange for a mention. This is called ?guest posting? and while Matt Cuts had some things to say about it, it remains one of the most reliable forms of link building around.
o If there is a site in your niche that is highly successful and you want to mimic that success, use a backlink checker to research where they got their links from. Now try and build links in the same places with guest posts. If they managed it, it suggests that those sites are a) valuable and b) receptive to this kind of offer.

? Optimizing the site with the fastest load times, including keywords in image alt tags, meta descriptions etc. and using LSI within the content.Using AMP and semantic mark-up.

? Link baiting ? this means that you are going to write a masterful piece of content that will serve as the ?go-to resource? for that topic. The hope then is that people will want to share the content with others without you having to beg or coerce them! This creates a much more natural links profile and that is something that Google will be able to identify.

? Posting high quality content to your website regularly

? Influencer marketing. This is very similar to guest posting and might even result in guest posting, but basically it means that you?re going to find the biggest influencers in your niche: the already big websites, the already successful YouTubers. Then you?re going to get in touch and you?re going to suggest that you work together ? whether that means doing an ad swap (both emailing your email lists about eachother), writing guest posts or making a collaborative video. It might mean they review your product. This is by far the most powerful and effective ?growth hack? there is but it?s one a lot of people are shy to do, seeing as internet marketing naturally appeals to introverts!

o The other problem is that the biggest and most successful people on the web will often be reluctant to answer you, seeing as they will get a LOT of emails from people wanting a slice of the pie. There are two solutions

a) start with someone small and build your way up the ladder slowly and b) attend networking events. The latter should not be underestimated.
The main thing to remember through all of this though, is just to write the best content you possibly can that is aimed at the reader and not at pleasing Google. If you do that, you will create fans and you will find that your site grows with time.
Not only that, but your goals will be aligned with Google?s ? meaning that each new algorithm should benefit your site instead of penalizing it!

What SEO techniques are using, Which ones did we miss, Let us know in the comments down below!

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