When you’re trying to make money on the internet, especially from flipping sites or selling virtual real estate, a domain name on its own is not worth very much. And even if your domain name is worth something, it’s worth a lot more if it contains content. Because think about it, if you own a very high demand domain name such as a .com name with one or two English words that’s very short and has a high search volume, people would want to buy that domain name because it will get them lots of traffic. But that’ll be worth even more if you did something with the traffic before they even had access to it.

For example, what if you took that high value domain name and wrote and developed lots of content on a site to get lots of traffic, to get lots of high page rank, SEO ranking, to get lots of pages listed in Google which now people can use to link somewhere else? What if you set up an opt-in form on that web page and built up several hundred subscribers per day? And now when it comes time to sell that domain name, you’re selling not just the domain name, but a domain name, an already developed website, lots of high page rank, lots of organic SEO results and a large number of subscribers. Now that domain name can sell for many multiples of what you would have sold before.

In that line of thinking, a domain name on its own is almost worthless. Whether using it on your own or selling it to someone else, it’s worth a lot more if you build it up. And the best way to build it up is using a platform called WordPress. WordPress powers all kinds of popular sites including CNN, Tech Crunch and more. And you can make it look any way you want. Sites entirely made of video are hosted on WordPress. Magazine sites, multi-author sites or just simple blog journals are all run on WordPress.

Get your content set up. All the categories, pages, videos, and fill it up and start measuring what kind of daily traffic do you get. If you have ads, what kind of daily profits, income, do you get from that site? And now when you list this on Flipper or Site Point, you’re not listing just the domain name, you’re listing a business in a box. You’re listing a site that has traffic, that has search engine rankings, that has consistent income which is much more valuable than a simple .com name.

Build up that site, list it on Flipper or Site Point and as an added bonus, offer to back up your site and restore to the location of their choosing using a simple back up plugin. What back up plugin, you ask? Use http://backupcreator.com/bc/?e=joshua shoemaker to back up, restore, and clone all of your WordPress sites starting today.

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