Exceptional content is the key component in the transmission of your message, generating traffic, and selling your product or service. However, there are several other elements that will make your content or effective with your readers and prompt them to take the action you want them to take.

1. Be mindful of your readers, instead of the search engines. So many blog writers focus on creating content for Search Engine Optimization, and they fail to realize that it is about the reader rather than a Google page rank.

People crave quality content that helps them in solving a problem, provides essential information, or gives them entertainment. It is critical that the reader be the priority in your creation of content. This enables you to get and hold their attention and lead them to make a purchase.

2. Your readers are more important than your program objectives. A portion of what adds fuel to the social media fire is that people want to know how to make money from these platforms. Internet marketers clamor to find out what content to put on Facebook or which tweets will be profitable for their business.

This approach does not have the reader as the most important element, and will not add any money to their bottom line. You must determine what your audience wants, and decide on the best means to deliver that needed content. It is never about the social media venue… but it is about giving people what they want.

3. Realize that is okay for readers to share, download, or embed your content, because this generates more traffic to your website and get you more readers of your content. It will work against you if you think that your content has to remain only on your website. This limits both your readership and your profits. Think of your content as spokespersons on a global tour to tell the world about you and your site and allow that content to lead them to your website and products.

4. Determine to be prolific by writing one article or blog post per week. This quantity will increase as you produce content on a more consistent basis. Create quality content and keep tabs on what gets a rise out of a large number of your readers. Check what produces the most reader responses. This is a good gauge of what your readers need or want.

5. Maintain a sense of open mindedness and flexibility.

You may have a plan of what content you will produce for readers or video viewers on a given topic that you selected for them. However, they may provide you with subordinate topic in your content based on their comments and reactions to what you produce. In short…give them what they want.
Readers love to interact with the blog or content creator, and your follow up interaction speaks volumes about you, as does your content.

You can always revisit your plan at a later time. What has fired them up now is what will profit you in the present, and can also lead to future sales.

For instance, you may have a blog series lined up about how the media operates.

Then some celebrity does something deemed crazy or some other antics, which gets them an inordinate amount of free publicity. Your readers get fired up about how they can get free publicity for their business. You have to go with what the reader wants. This is a win-win situation for for both of you.

You can bring in experts to interview on a topic that is the most interesting to your readers and again easily give the visitors exactly what they are lookiSgn for.

6. Commit to your blog posts and give responses to reader comments, observations and replies. Also do this for Twitter or any form of social media that you use.

Readers love to interact with the blog or content creator, and your follow up interaction speaks volumes about you as muc as your content does.This is one major thing you can do that shows your readers that you care about them and not their money. It also shows class on your part, and it has the potential of long term profits for you.

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