How many times have you searched the internet looking for

something and ended up coming across a website that advertised

an e-book for sale? If you have, you are not alone; a lot of

internet users come across these types of web pages. These

types of web pages are known as sale sites. What it nice about

many of these e-book sale sites is that many are successful;

many clicks end up turning into e-book sales. That is why if

you are looking to create and sell an e-book or sell an e-book

that you already created, you are advised to make your own sales


Although there is a good chance that you have come across an

e-book sales site, there is also a chance that you haven’t. If

that is the case, you will want to take the time to familiarize

yourself with e-book sale sites. As you might assume, e-book

sale sites are websites that are used to sell an e-book. Many

times, that is the only point of an e-book sales site. In fact,

that is one of the many reasons why e-book sale sites are so

popular, because they work! Focusing only on one product,

instead of multiple ones, will increase your chances of

successfully making sales.

When it comes to creating a sales page for your e-book, do you

know what you should include? While you can include just about

anything you want, there are certain things that should

definitely be included on an e-book sales site, especially if

you want your sales site to work to your advantage. One of the

many things that you should include on your sales page is small

portions of text from your e-book. Showing small portions of

your e-book is a great way to increase your chances of making

sales. It is a known fact that customers prefer knowing exactly

what they are about to buy.

Customer testimonials or e-book reviews are other important

components of an e-book sales site. As it was mentioned above,

customers like to know what they are about to purchase. They

also want to know that your product, in this case your e-book,

is worth their money. Aside from showing small portions of your

e-book, customer testimonials are the next best approach.

Consumers are more likely to purchase products that come highly

rated and recommended. To spice up your customer testimonials,

you may want to think about including video. If you can, have

some of your readers make a quick video praising your e-book.

This video can be as short as a few seconds or as long as a few

minutes, either way it may help to improve the overall quality

of your e-book sales site.

Now that you know exactly what an e-book sales site is, as well

as what they include, you may be wondering exactly why you

should create a sales page or site for your e-book. As it was

mentioned above, e-book sales pages or sites, tend to focus

solely on one product. Not having any competition will increase

your chances of making a sale. It is also important to note

that e-book sales sites look professional and they tend to rank

highly among search engines. What does this mean for you? It

means that your sales site has a good chance of being found by

internet users who are just surfing for interesting sites.

Wouldn’t it be neat if an internet user who wasn’t even looking

for your product found it and made a purchase?

Another reason why you should think about making an e-book sales

site or at least an e-book sales page is because it is easy to

do. If you are unfamiliar with web design, you can easily make

a sales page by hiring the services of a professional web

designer or by using site builders, which provide you with free

webpage templates.

To your success,

Joshua Shoemaker

P.S. If you want to capitalize on your e-book, as much as

possible, you are urged to make yourself an e-book sales page or


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