The Pay Per Click formula is a specific product geared around the pay per click advertising model, and this particular piece of software has received numerous reviews, some which praise it and some which are a little harder on the product in general. This article is meant to read as an honest and unbiased opinion of the pay per click formula. If you are one of those people who is really interested in learning about how some pay per click marketers are making millions of dollars, then it would be worthwhile to keep reading in order to get a feel for what is possible with this type of marketing online.

The Pay Per Click Formula is a course that centers around the concept of driving pay per click traffic to cost per acquisition lead offers, similar in nature to Click Flipping though much cheaper without the $997 buy in amount. Most of these offers only pay a little bit more than a single dollar per lead, so the real key to being successful when it comes to this formula and the concepts around it is to generate a lot of traffic, and maintain those high traffic numbers in order to generate the conversions that you require in order to generate a steady income from these cost per acquisition lead offers.

The mastermind behind the Pay Per Click Formula course is named Gauher Chaudhry, and unlike most other internet marketers online today, he decided to turn this formula into a physical product that could be purchased. Each of the six modules included in the formula comes with a training manual and a CD that accompanies it. The six modules included in the training course include “Introduction to PPC – CPA Marketing”, “Building a Keyword Empire”, “Dominating AdWords”, “Dominating Yahoo Search Marketing”, “Dominating MSN AdCenter” and “Dominating Other PPC Search Engines”.

Each of the training manuals is easy to read, understand and then implement into your own marketing campaigns. The CDs are packed with video tutorials that only reinforce the material that is discussed at length in the training manuals, providing an excellent review of the information found within their pages. The Pay Per Click Formula does touch on some basics as well, including setting up a basic PPC account and how to join and get set up with CPA networks. Having a good working understanding of management sites like AdWords and Yahoo’s Search Network will certainly help you, but most of the basic knowledge that you need is already available in the PPC Formula’s numerous instruction manuals.

If you are serious about learning how to dominate new and interesting pay per click advertising markets by learning about CPA marketing and the concepts surrounding it, then the Pay Per Click Formula is definitely a good way to go because it will introduce you to a new way to generate money on the internet.

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