Easy steps you can take to keep your WordPress blog from getting hacked. I hope you are not losing too much sleep over the possibility of your website and your blogs getting hacked, being taken over, being destroyed or being changed. If you are worried about this kind of thing, there are a few preventative steps you can and should take right now to ensure that your blog is kept safe.

You should avoid shared and cheap hosting, you should install trusted themes and plugins, and finally you should keep your computer Spyware free.

What do I mean when I say to avoid shared hosting? I mean that many people, in fact, pay a web host, such as HostGator to have web hosting, and they will take some of their space. They might have for example, one gigabyte of space and they might sell 100 megabytes to you for the same price they pay. Now this opens up a few problems, because what if this one person sells space to ten people in the same area? Well there are a few things some people can do to get access to other folders that do not belong to them simply because they belong to the same reseller.

What you are going to want to do is pay at least $20 dollars per month for web hosting. Don’t get sucked into web hosts that will charge you just a dollar or one simple fee for lifetime access. Get a real web host such as HostGator or BlueHost which does charge $20 or $30 dollars per month, but it is well worth it to have the faster performance and extra security.

Now be sure to install themes and plugins that you trust. This means don’t install a plugin that came out just yesterday. Install a plugin or a theme that has real reviews, and just make sure that you are not installing a theme or plugin that contains what’s called Malware because most people don’t realize that any theme or plugin, if it so chooses can actually delete all the files on your website. It can actually copy your whole website and send it off somewhere else.

You need to trust the plugins and the themes that you are using. And finally, keep your computer Spyware free. Install a virus scanner on your local computer, such as AVG and scan it on a regular basis. Think about it, if someone has access to your office computer, your desktop computer and can record every single password you type in, that means just because they have access to your computer, they can now tell what your WordPress password in and login to that as well.

Some simple preventative measures to take to avoid your site getting hacked is to avoid shared and cheap hosting, install only trusted themes and plugins, and to keep your computer Spyware free.

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